Being creative isn’t about your skill level or lack of. It’s not even about creative, or not creative. We are ALL CREATIVE. We come into this creation from our Creator and are here to create.

To say you are not creative is an illusion and untruth. If you believe that, you have a story that needs to be released. Others put that story upon us, or we start comparing ourselves with others and the story of self-comparison starts diminishing our perceived creative light.

When I work with young children with creativity, they don’t judge themselves whether they are creative or not. They simply put their fingers in paint on watch magic unfold on the surface. It is only the separation of ego that builds layers upon layers onto itself, veiling ourselves from our innate creativity that is always there.

The child knows that creativity is a natural state of being. The pure self expresses it. My prayer is that more of us return to this beautiful state where we are enlivened and immersed in the experience of this glorious creation.

It’s time we are lit up again from the experience of being human while we are connecting with Divinity within and perceive the many ways to experience all Being, including creative expression.

It’s time to unlearn the stories that we aren’t creative. We must consciously create the space and time to make a new story and release the old dominant one.

What is yours? That you don’t have skill or talent? That you have better things to do with your time? Is it that you are the “smart” one in the family, or too “logical” or type-A for it? Or that your inner artist is just repressed right now, and someday “she” will come back out to play… someday.

Stop it.

YOU are a creator, right here and now.

I am so honored to be teaching others how to become creative, beings of all ages. Sharing the creative process is not about technical skills as much as just reminding us of our ability to embrace our expression. To drag our fingers or brushes through color and heal our inherent being through the medium of artistic creation.

Self expression opens the heart to higher states of consciousness and our connection to our Creator: Divine Consciousness.

New life begins here. Colors are brighter, spaciousness of being expands, relationships evolve, and happiness of life unfolds.

My life path of the artist is here to support you in also awakening to our creations to exhale in beauty across humanity as we rise from sleep and meet each day with rainbows of paints and brushes to bring forth our unique magic and follow the stars to our innermost precious creative spark that carries our soul from life to life and know it as home.

I’m honored to share my first online teaching experience and would LOVE for you to join me if you are feeling the call when read this invitation.

We begin January 13th, and you can learn more and register here.