She is the expression of the Divine embodied as woman.
The woman who creates her life as the highest potential for her unfurling.
She is multifaceted as the expressions of creation Herself.
She is defined by her actions to bring light to her dreams.
As she receives she gives.

She is the very currency of life.
The brilliancy that is nurturing and expansive, spiraling as the momentum of creation.
She can sit in the center of chaos to twist the storm into a nourishing ecosystem.
She enlivens the alchemy in the intentions that reside beyond the celestial spheres.
Her feminine grace undulates like a river. And she ebbs and flows in each wave that merges with the great sea.
She is the moon cycles, she is the stars.

She knows the order within the turmoil and the perfection in the plan.
She is unharnessed and wild like the meadow-bound mare as much as she is the stillness before the dew drops at the morning break.
She enchants in the beauty that surrounds her while she can simultaneously offer the blossom of compassion.
And she flowers fully to share with you the smile.
She rises to the challenge. She meets the day with a knowing and a grin as walks forth leading with her hips to conquer the day in love.
She knows no box of limitation but instead lives in the rhythm of the present.
She knows when to express herself and when to refrain.

She allows herself to be seen and to be heard.
She knows when to whisper and when to tell it from the mountains.
She softens the ego to be guided by the song of her heart.
She gives with certainty while her wellspring is full and overflowing.
She sits in prayer and she waits for the aligned answers and accesses the wisdom of the angelic realm.

She leads not as a man, but the feminine grace with her own solidity within as the mystical marriage of balance and harmony.

She embraces each one in the robes of her kindness, beauty, and graciousness.
Love is the song of her soul as she spins gold into light.

Divine is Her presence, be it in her heartache or her dance.
Her strength guides her and those around her through the days.
She blesses Herself and others.

She is the Anointed Woman. 

© Lucinda Rae, words and art 

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