Let’s turn your website
and marketing materials into gold.

Lucinda Rae website designs

The Prosperity Brand & Website Gold Program includes:

  • Beautifully Branded Custom Web Design & Development
  • Mentoring for Powerful Visibility + Brand + Content Support
  • Discovering your Brand Archetypes
  • Additional Social Media Graphics
  • Business Cards

Dear Spiritual Creative Entrepreneurs:

Over virtual tea, I would love to guide you to discover how to turn your website into a beacon to magnetize your ideal clients and create a thriving prosperous business.

{If you already know you’re ready, CLICK HERE and let’s get you scheduled for an ACTIVATE YOUR BRAND Discovery Session.}

If you’re like many entrepreneurs I work with, you may feel:

      • Like you’re not standing out among the masses of the marketplace
      • Burned out trying to get visitors to your site and no one is hiring you
      • Feeling embarrassed to send people to your site or you don’t have one
      • Not inspired by the cookie-cutter feel of branding in your industry
      • Lacking the confidence to be visible and proud of your business
      • Longing to integrate your soul’s purpose into your brand
      • You’re not making the money you know you are deserving of


I completely understand. Please know that you’re not alone.

You see, for years I did many of these things. I created great graphic design but my God-given gifts were not being integrated into my brand and signature offering.  Through deep soul-searching and support from my coaches I discovered the path to bring my soul-essence into my business and totally HONOR my innate talents. I activated my creative and intuitive gifts through website design and brand visuals for women entrepreneurs. I quickly became known as the visionary artist for spiritual entrepreneurs. My income went from $20k per year to almost 6 figures in the the first year of my business. I was thrilled to  tap into my clients inner essence and bring forth their spiritual gifts by creating a powerful brand in alignment with their purposeful work in the world, and the future of their success.

When you show up powerfully in your photos, website and social media you become unstoppable and MAGNETIC. You will charge what you are worth and blast forward into new levels of success – illuminating in your lives inner and outer wealth.

Steph“Creating my new site with Lucinda Rae from start to finish was a dream come true. Lucinda is a true artist who’s ability to conceive a project from start to finish, from the initial photo shoot and brand archetype work to the final, brilliant website has been a remarkable experience. She helped to pull aspects of my being to the forefront and then translated them into concept, color, images and design. I am beyond happy with our collaboration and highly recommend all of her services.” ~ Stephanie Dawn, Sacred Business Coach

_Fav_0534_2bI want this for you. I can see into your potential.

The alchemy of soul and business is Prosperity Branding.

“Lucinda’s work captures the essence of my brand. She has a way to bring out EXACTLY what I want on screen …as if she was in my head! Seriously brilliant. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a reliable, intelligent and talented brand strategic web developer to work with Lucinda.”  Tanya Paluso, www.Tribal-Truth.com

In the Prosperity Branding Package, I will guide you to recognize and illuminate your spirit to shine on all levels of your business. You will feel a deep integration between your personality, your gifts, and infuse these gifts into your signature program and offerings. Sister, we’ll bring the vision down into manifestation through your website and visual branding that will support you to take it to the next level.

Are you ready to embody your brand in a connected, clear, and powerful way so your ideal clients will be lining up to hire you?

Let’s create your brand by discovering your true gifts and life talents.

When people think of branding, they often think of logos and headers, color schemes, business cards…  these are all part of creating your brand — but there is SO much more! What I see that is often missing which holds talents women back is all the deep work that goes into a successful, meaningful and profitable brand.

Let’s create your INNER and OUTER Prosperity Brand.

Allow me to be your guide. Let me help you illuminate your path and take you through the process of where you want your business to go with ease and grace. We can be co-creators in deep self discovery and a business journey to create your new brand as vessel of your magnificence.

Prosperity Branding is online alchemy at its finest.


“Lucinda’s process helped me to connect with the expanded version of myself and gain clarity on the next phase of my mission. The process helped me to reconnect with parts of me I had disconnected from… for fear of showing up THAT powerfully in the world! The Prosperity Branding process was empowering and healing. As a result I am even more confident and my brand images are aligned with, and reflect, who I am now. I am attracting my ideal clients with ease and my business is growing steadily. I would absolutely recommend Lucinda because she so quickly and easily “got me.” She knew what I wanted and needed. She was a joy to work with; very professional and calm. I loved how her intuitive gifts also allowed her to come up with something more magnificent than I could ever have dreamed up on my own!”  — Helen MacMillan


Your Personality + Soul + Embodied Business Purpose

This one-of-a-kind, business transformation package is not only going to spotlight YOU but it is going to showcase your business in thrilling visual ways. It is also going to take care of the technical services so you don’t have to endure the stress of figuring it out by yourself.

Imagine how amazing it would be to:

      • Rest your signature program in an online temple that magnifies your gifts
      • Share your business with diamond-strength confidence
      • Activate your inner gold-purpose to awaken your prosperity
      • Roll out the carpet to attracting as many ideal clients as you desire
      • Show up as the spiritual celebrity you were born to be

If you’re frustrated from past designers not ‘getting’ you… then I believe you’re ready for my breakthrough package:

Prosperity Brand Website Design & Development Package

Prosperity Brand & Website Package with Lucinda Rae

Let’s Co-create Your Prosperity Branding & Website!

This extraordinary private brand design and website development package is limited to a select few business owners to ensure you get the one-on-one focused support you need.

Let’s open the doors to the prosperity you deserve, it’s your time to SHINE!

Whether you’re in the beginning stages or you’re looking to up-level your business, The Prosperity Branding Gold Package has every element you need to take your business beyond where its been before.


Here’s what is included in your 

Prosperity Branding & Website Package:

Lucinda Rae ecstatic

VIP Branding Intensive with Lucinda

To explore and discover your unique personal brand to weave into your business so you can be able to start implementing and showing up “on-brand” immediately. You will have specialized one-on-one mentoring directly with Lucinda. Together you’ll dive into the Brand Revealer Process and discover your unique Sacred Feminine Archetype.

If you desire your personal brand photos to be up-leveled, this is when you’ll also have your Personal Brand Photoshoot for imagery that will be used in your website and in your social media accounts.

Done-For-You Web Design, Development, & Marketing Materials

A fully branded website and visual presence that will help you infuse your Sacred Feminine Archetype into your website, social media profiles.

Full Web Design & Visual Branding including your Branded Banners, background, color scheme, typography/brand fonts,  Facebook Banner & Twitter background), double-sided business cards (with option for QR code to your free gift) and more for your online platform.

‘Tagline Tantalizations’ with 1-3 custom crafted tagline options utilizing potent on-brand archetypal language and marketing messaging.

Total technical services from setting up your WordPress website (& blog if desired), Email Marketing & autoresponders + coordinating web pages, shopping cart buttons, the best plugins, and other aspects to your customized online needs.

Private One-on-One Coaching Calls with Lucinda

You’ll receive six(6) PRIVATE one-on-one 30 minute Coaching calls with Lucinda, laser focusing on you and your website and marketing. These calls will provide you with continued support to get your business on-brand and you moving forward with prosperous marketing and strategy.

Bonuses (Total Value $3,000+):

Exclusive Direct Email Access to Lucinda. You’ll have access to Lucinda’s private, clients-only email address. No going through her team for questions about your business. No concerns over the privacy of your email message. There is no ‘gatekeeper’ between you and Lucinda.

Website Content Template. You will be guided in what it takes to have successful amount of content for a fruitful website. (Package also includes personalized coaching and implementation on website navigation, structure and WordPress Training as well.)

The Activation Session: The 30-minute coaching call check-in during month-3 that you may need around your brand, website, or marketing needs to ignite your prosperity and reveal your new website.

Discounted Pricing on Personal Brand Photography Packages with Lucinda.

Need a Personal Brand Photoshoot? Up-level to your Prosperity Photoshoot!

Photoshoot with Lucinda Rae

Want gorgeous images of you shining your divine feminine power and your luminous leadership? Get your glory on in beautiful Santa Barbara county for magazine-quality portraits to use in your website and marketing materials. Packages start at $497 (and up) for an upgraded luxurious shoot in the greater Los Angeles areas or with travel. Reach out to Lucinda’s team to inquire about options: admin@prosperitybranding.com

“Lucinda, I want in! I’m ready NOW to enroll in the Prosperity Branding Full Shebang.”

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To apply for the The Prosperity Branding Package, just follow the simple steps to apply for “Activate Your Brand” Discovery Session by filling out this fast and easy form by clicking the button below:


Your potential clients are waiting for YOU. They need and desire your products and services. Let me help you reach them more quickly and in a bigger way.

What you have to offer is invaluable and unique to you! Know the value of your work, what you do, and receive great inner AND outer wealth from it.

If you’re moved to step forward to begin your Prosperity Brand & Website to create a stellar online temple and platform, but there is something holding you back or you would like to connect more with me personally, please do schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to email admin@prosperitybranding.com.



“I love that Lucinda is so intuitive in our work together and always willing to push the edges of standards in my industry. She comes up with great new ideas and is super fun to co-create with. I always know that I will get unique visual branding that totally captures my brand essence, and also completely stands out in the marketplace too. I highly recommend working with Lucinda!” — Christina Morassi, Ecstatic Brand Mentor, ChristinaMorassi.com

Lucinda seems to always know how to take my ideas, thoughts, and vision and go above and beyond my expectations. My new brand gives brilliance and life to my website and all my marketing materials. — Patricia Tomasi, Author & Philanthropist 

Lucinda’s genius is her ability to connect with my vision and deeply get into and understand the heart of my message. She’s able to create a visual masterpiece that perfectly reflects my idea and my purpose.  I recommend her for all things branding to visually articulate my soul purpose in my business.  Bill Poett, Founder of Peak Performers

Lucinda’s vision of me has catapulted me a new, upleveled direction with my mission. Her vision of me convey not only beauty, but a deep power and groundedness as a woman. I work with women and when they see the visuals on my website, I intend for them to realize that they can cultivate the same qualities in themselves. Expect giggles during your photoshoot and that energy will lend to your enlightened branding.  I highly recommend Lucinda for your branding and website.   — Aparna Khanolkar