Dear Creative Spiritual Entrepreneur, 

The VIP Brand Transformation Intensive is designed for those who desire to take their brand to the next level as they thrive for being who they are in their uniqueness. It was created for business owners that desire to bring positive change to the world through their unique life purpose and who are ready to get their radiant expression of their contribution that will leave a legacy and make their one-and-only mark of lightwork while creating a successful and lucrative lifestyle.

This is for those who: 

  • You know you want to do business in a way that lights up new circuitry in the eyes, hearts, and minds of your ideal clients
  • You want to have an impact through your divine destiny as you leave your legacy
  • You want to thrive in being Who You Are
  • You value your creative expression and your unique feminine essence.
  • You want to show up online like no one else, and be on the leading edge of everything you do

This is for you if:

  • You need more money in your business
  • You feel like you’re swimming in a sea of other brands
  • You have had too many hands in your brand and graphics and STILL not getting the results you want
  • You need new photos for your marketing but are camera-shy or don’t feel ready
  • You struggle with expressing your message and embodying your essence
  • You are feeling stretched, frustrated, tired in your business- it’s just not working for you yet.
  • You are feeling small and frankly quite shy because what you’re portraying isn’t in alignment with where you’re headed

If you resonate with any of the above, I feel you — and have been there myself! 

After 15+ years as a branding expert in the marketing field, I have discovered a 5-step process to take you from bland to brilliant in your business:

1. Unveil Your Brand Archetype ~ The facet to help you SHINE and standout in the Who You Are and in which all you do comes from this crucial cornerstone of your brand
2. Step into Your Essential Embodiment Embed and anchor your authentic flavor, tone and way you will be magnetic and client-attractive
3. Sparkle Your Unique Beauty ~ Visually branding your Self and showing up in unforgettable ways while creating a business that is ART
4. Empowered Visibility ~ Unleash new levels of confidence so you can make new connections and opportunities
5. Express Your Self ~ Integrate, Activate and Make a Splash in person and online social media and luxuriate in your success


Why This is For You Now

In this program designed especially for the spiritual woman entrepreneur, you will:

  • Gain clarity and achieve more confidence in your brand and how you’ll be showing up
  • Feel your Divine Self reflected back to you so that you feel boldly expressed in marketing Who You Really Are
  • Launch yourself as an expert luminary and finally have a greater influence in changing the world
  • Unleash the power of your Brand Archetype so your brand will sizzle and turn heads
  • Identify your unique Brand Archetype …so your brand reflects the essence of who you are
  • Feel radiantly self-expressed and creative in your business as an art form
  • Create a standout brand and establish yourself as sought-out expert so it’s easier to manifest your luxurious lifestyle
  • Leave your legend, live your dreams and fulfill your mission by being more client-attractive
  • Live in abundance and prosperity you desire and deserve 

 “In just two 90 minute phone sessions you have helped me powerfully clarify the next level of my brand! Your ability to draw out the essential essence of my message was amazing. Thank you for you rich insights!” ~ Lisa Michaels, International Bestselling Author, Divine Feminine Leader & Money Manifesting Mentor

The VIP Brand Transformation Intensive Includes:

  • Private one-on-one Coaching with Lucinda ~ Four (4)  x 90 minutes each Brand VIP Strategy Sessions (within 30 days for fast results). High level one-on-one training in today’s industry into unleashing your money-making mystical, magnetic expression as a part of what it takes to have a successful Prosperity Brand.
  • The Archetype Assessment & Intuitive Reading to reveal your unique Brand Archetype to create mystical marketing from.
  • The Brand Revealer to refine your tagline, niche and divine audience
  • Activate your Media Prosperity behind speaking engagements, media appearances for personal brand portrait photography and various forms of networking events.