This week, I’m heading to Hollywood, CA to sponsor Christina Morassi’s Ecstatic Wealth event!

I’m intending to have a blast and I’m so looking forward to reconnecting with some amazing women. I so appreciate and adore my women entrepreneur colleagues and clients!

One of my rockstar alchemist clients this year has been Christina Morassi.

She has been one of business mentors who has helped me with visibility and bringing the business world with my unique passions.

Almost one year ago at her last Ecstatic Wealth event, I made the decision to more fully step into my unique brand, overcome unhealthy ego patterns where I choose to play small in fears I would out shine another woman.

With this commitment, I chose to seriously uplevel my visibility in the industry and express my unique essence in the world as a midwife and alchemist to other soul-centered women entrepreneurs and all create greater positive  impact in this world.

Since then, I’ve been able to overcome past money stories about being spiritual while also being able to enjoy an abundant life.

I’ve been able to attract the perfect clients who are soul-centered and doing their favorite work in the world by stepping it up in a big way. I attribute much of this success to stepping into my OWN Prosperity Brand and unique Goddess Archetype!

Reflecting back, I’m a little in awe of this commitment and all the changes that have taken place in my business and world.

As we will each continue to evolve in our lives, we can choose to stay where we are, or choose to stretch into places that may not always feel comfortable… but if we don’t expand into these new realms, we may never know.

This past Spring, I participated in a group coaching program called Confident Business Diva, where we had a professional photoshoot on Venice Beach.


As I step into my Spiritual Celebrity more in more to become more visible in this world, I get to spread my love and light more fully.

I really had to bring my inner spirit out with roaring, movement, and release, to allow that big energy to be able to shine on camera. As a Personal Brand Portrait photographer, I certainly wasn’t used to being on the other side of the camera!

But with a little love, pepping n’ peppering, and some great coaching, I was able to “work it” behind the camera. What an amazing experience to build upon, so I can further help the women clients I do shoot with work it in this way.

Was that fun?

Seriously though, if I can do this, so can you!

Are YOU ready to commit to your visibility and showing up as the Luminary Leader you are here to be?

If so, I’ve got something I’ve put together just for you!

Your Prosperity Branding & Photoshoot VIP Day!

Stay tuned for more details about my upcoming Prosperity Branding & Photoshoot VIP day!

If you think one of these spots may be for you, let’s connect! These will be filling up fast and already have two booked for the end of October. (Even before I put the word out to the public!) 

Grab your spot by clicking here and answering a few questions to see if we are a fit.

Looking forward to hearing from you!