Yesterday in the late afternoon at the dog-friendly end of the beach, I inquired to the two ladies approaching, “What kind of dog is that?” about the little wiry cute thing bouncing around them.

The woman facing me turned towards her friend, “I dunno, what is it?”

The other woman turned toward me as we were each passing each other and walking backwards and away from each other.

“She’s a ( _________ ) terrier,” I didn’t catch what kind of dog it was… because as she looked at me and spoke, there was this weird familiarity.

She could see that what she said didn’t fully register. Instead, there was this vast pause unfolding as I was looking into or beyond her… and she slowly offered me a beautiful enchanting smile.

She recognized me recognizing her.

Yes, it was Natalie Portman, one of the few actress celebrities I have really admired in movies. And I have run into my share of celebs in these parts of the escape to Hollywood, but there was something in this moment that was different.

There was a gift. A transmission, of sorts. And a simple camaraderie.

“Thanks,” I responded as we each smiled at each other, turned forward to face the trajectories on our walks, and carried forth on our individual paths.

Then I turned to my son and friend and quietly exclaimed who it was: “That was the Princess Leia of the new Star Wars movies!” My teenager quickly corrected me her name was *not* Princess Leia, and later I remembered her as Queen Padmé Amidala.

A colorful, rich, and adventurous life I imagined she experiences flashed before me. And she seemed happy as a new mamma slowly strolling the beach.

The point of this story is not what character she played or even how beautiful she was, but this spark of I SEE YOU, TOO.

This recognition of Queen to Queen. Woman to Woman. Soul to Soul.

There was no hierarchy. Just potential. And just some reminder that success or whatever we desire is here for us.

And this spark in her owning her glamour, beauty, fame, and total willingness and ability to be seen.

She saw me seeing her, and she saw me back. Sisters in this moment in time… messy hair blowing in the wind and our children at our sides.

It was a brief moment in time, but somehow a lot was transferred in that moment and I wanted to share what I gleaned with you.

The three things I learned in my ten seconds with Natalie Portman

1. It’s time to great and allow yourself to be seen in that. Let your dignity come through. Want to go big? Time to stop thinking small. Aren’t feeling it? Fake it till you make it. Follow your goals. Manifest your personal iconic brand. Uplevel your life, your business, your dream, your trajectory.

2. It’s time to claim your glamor. Pull it down from the ether and into your field. Breathe it in from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. Glamor and gold aren’t just for the Hollywood celebs. It’s for you, too.

Women: allow all that God-given beauty to enchant the world, too. You don’t think the rose was meant to be mundane and gray, do you? That doesn’t attract the honeybee. The rose just IS. Claim your queendom. Embody your glamorous being with imagery and essence that could be as luscious as any celebrity may have it. And add your big splash of soul and prismatic shine.

3. It’s time to SHINE. SHINE. SHINE. It’s okay if they can’t handle your light; hand ’em a pair of shades if you want. Let it go. Your natural radiance isn’t here to slow you down or give you a shadow to hide in. Come out from the visibility closet and let’s light up the world together. Or if you’re an entrepreneur, at least we can start with the online world.

So in closing, maybe you’ll get the chance to activate someone’s potential with a simple smile.

I want to say, either way, I’m talking to you… and we’re talking next level, Baby.

Next. Level.

I’m in this with you.

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