It takes a lot of courage to be seen in all our glory when we build or uplevel a website or personal brand. Each of us often has one or more “boulders” that can get in the way of putting ourselves out there more, or being more visible. I’ve compiled what I have found in my work with other clients what are the 3 Main Visibility Obstacles and their Antidotes to move through them for increased life flow, client attraction, and prosperity. And then some. 🙂 

1. Overcoming Criticism & Rejection

We can be so afraid of being seen in our creative endeavor at the risk of others not liking our work, our creativity, our offering… part of our soul. We can feel triggered by these levels of rejection sometimes at different levels depending on who it is that is doing the criticizing or rejecting and what that person — or the respect we hold for them — means to us. A big example of this one is women and their body consciousness around being seen in their personal brand portraits for photoshoots. When a woman feels overweight, or has some other image issue, it often stops her with, “I’ll just do it after I loose just 10 or 15 more pounds,” etc. When discussing the upcoming personal brand photoshoot for Stephanie Dawn, her body consciousness insecurities arised. I supported her to move through not being around wanting to be at her ideal weight and helped her realize the time is now, and that the photos would support her in feeling beautiful and radiant in the next level in her business success and prosperity… and they did just that. Since she was ready in her business for a massive uplevel and she didn’t allow her body awareness to stop her from moving forward in her business. (Psssst — as if being taken seriously as a business coach has ANYTHING to do with having some extra weight on!)

I was indeed the heaviest I had been since being pregnant. What happened was this: my need/desire to up level was greater than my upset around being photographed at my heaviest. I knew the time was now and ultimately, I was right. I am so glad I went for it. As you read, my health transformation happened several months later and it’s still happening. I am doing another cleanse in about a week, once my kids start school. I have about 10 more pounds to lose to be at my optimum weight. So it’s a journey. I will at some point, when I am ready, get new photos and banners again with Lucinda, but there’s no rush.”  ~ Stephanie Dawn, Sacred Business Coach

{Antidote Magic to Judgment and Criticism}

First it is important to acknowledge your emotions (briefly) that another has triggered within you so you can move through it, forgive yourself for buying into a false story, and silently forgive another for what they have projected upon you. View it as an opportunity that a reflection is pushing your limits. Treat yourself with compassion, place your hand over your heart, and call on the divine that is right within you to affirm the worthiness of your deserving and success at a soul level. Refuse to let rejection define you. We must maintain perseverance in the heart and mind, to not make spacious generalizions if we run into rejection. If someone criticizes your writing, so – it’s not their cup of tea. If a potential lover rejects you, don’t find yourself to be unlovable but instead know that the Divine has a far more vast purpose for you and there is great abundance in the world to be enjoyed and experienced in life.

2. Obliterating the Fraud Factor.

The “Fraud Factor” is when you doubt the value you have to offer to clients, customers, or audiences. It often times shows up when you’re new to your business, but can also sneak in when you are shifting into new levels of success and more wealth and you’re left thinking you need more credentials or a higher degree. So many of us have some sort of feelings about feeling secure and grounded in what we already know; accumulated in this lifetime, or other lives. It’s beyond what we know, and also who we are and what we have to offer the world. We can focus on self-doubt and get in our heads around how little we feel we know, or how much more we “should” glean before we can really offer more value. What we can do is dig into the wealth of knowledge that we already possess. When many women go to raise their rates from $75/per session to larger packages, they often don’t feel in alignment with jumping to three months worth of coaching and packing it up in a way that is much more effective and transformational for their clients AND more lucrative for them. When I created a larger package for my website clients, I made the most potent combination of all my offerings from Brand Archetypes, Visual Branding, Brand Mentoring (with some splashes of business coaching tossed in)  and Website Design and Development. It is a *big value*, so this upleveled my offerings and a way that were also much more potent to clients than a logo here, or a book cover there (which I still do one-off services), because the value of the “whole shebang” as an overhaul for their online platform with me by their side in supporting them through the parts and pieces of a brand and website was much more potent than if just doing smaller pieces and/or having several people deliver the various parts in a way that isn’t nearly as effective or valuable to the client in the first place.

{Antidote Magic to the Fraud Factor}

Obliterating this is to focus on what you know to increase your personal and soul value. This is about life experience and the innate wisdom that is already within you. We tend to downplay our knowledge and think others already know it, because it is so obvious to ourselves. But the amazing thing is that there is NO ONE like us, and the way we teach, our unique set of stories, our personalities, and offerings is totally genuine and authentic to our own being! We are each so lusciously alive in our own makeup, that when we are fully ourselves, perfect on the moment and phase of our paths and evolution (and OWNING IT!) people will be attracted to who you are. You may find others even have more confidence and allure towards you than you do. Wild, isn’t it? Allow yourself to lead, and set an example. The gem here is to get out of your own way, and allow yourself to make it easy for people to connect with you that desire what you have to offer. That way you’ll glow in your own luminosity of life abundance and uniqueness.

3. Moving Beyond the Fear to Shine

We can try to hide our light to try and prevent others from feeling insecure or smaller than us. Sometimes we’ve had experiences with others being afraid of our beauty or radiance, and we’ve tried to dim it down. Or we’ve felt the vastness of our soul, and the divinity of our spirit beyond the soul, personality, and all things, and we tried to rein it in because it felt too immense. Dumbing and numbing ourselves down is not doing anyone any favors, because we are all here to lead by example, and ideally to shine the light and spread the light. Just as little children come into the world to shine – before the perceived oppression of the world, others’ opinions, our upbringing, others’ projections and spells upon us, and the environment of how we learn. It is our birthright to be gorgeous, talented, successful, brilliant, and to shine like the light striking a diamond.  In this, we free ourselves from the perceived limits of the physical plane, and expand into infinite potentiality which encompasses prosperity, health, wealth, and spiritual power.

{Antidote Magic to Shining Fear}

So how do we do allow our selves to SHINE? When we can realize it’s not about the fear of failure, but more of the fear of success, we can start working with this illusion. Because in truth, that’s what our greatest fear is: SUCCESS. That means we are powerful, abundant, and moving into and receiving everything our heart desires. It’s moving beyond any self-worth issues, and allowing all our past failures fall by the wayside to step into a life of miracles and creating heaven around us.    We can step into this realm of more success by deciding we are going to be that and release excuses and blocks around obstacles that we put in our way to hold ourselves from being the amazing aspect to our beings that keep us limitless. When we spread our wings to soar and allow for this liberation, we automatically can transmit this potential upon others and allow it to flow into our lives more. Where are you stopping yourself? You owe it to yourself to be the greatest version of your possible self in this life. I really want to hear from you! Please share some of your visibility issues or obstacles with me in the comments below and let’s get this conversation started.