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For Established Brands
Re-branding & Website Design for Established Brands


For Starting Brands
Branding & Website Design for Emerging Brands


Branding Kit (no website)
Branding for both Established & Emerging Brands

Offering customizable packages within these tiers for both Branding & Website design.

To work together on website development, it is strongly recommended that branding must be developed first (about 50% complete) along with the written copy and content for your website before scheduling website projects ready to go.

We can speak about branding with website packages as our premium transformation to integrate everything you need.


Custom Brand Mark Design

You are more than just a logo.

You know that your brand is so much more than just a logo, and you know that a well designed and strategic website and business identity to help you make a lasting impression for your dream clients.


Custom Designed to Attract Clients + Convert to Sales

You have purposeful, meaningful work to do here.
And your online presence can be as amazing as you are.

We here to ensure your website is crafted with exceptional and cohesive branding along with all you need to step into your powerful online presence.

{Branding & Website Development projects will be scheduled and invoiced separately.}

Offering customizable packages for website design & development.

Website services include:

• Landing Page
• Full Website
• E-Commerce Store
• Podcast Integration

Specializing in WordPress which offers the most flexible and user-friendly backend navigation to support you with easeful ability to make simple changes yourself as necessary.

For website project pricing requests, we’ll send you a website project assessment form to fill out.

“Creating my new site with Lucinda Rae from start to finish was a dream come true. Lucinda is a true artist who’s ability to conceive a project from start to finish, from the initial photo shoot and brand archetype work to the final, brilliant website has been a remarkable experience. She helped to pull aspects of my being to the forefront and then translated them into concept, color, images and design. I am beyond happy with our collaboration and highly recommend all of her services.”

~ Stephanie Dawn, Sacred Business Coach


Turn Your Book Cover Vision Into Reality

Powerful, eye-catching covers that stand out on the bookshelf or online.

The reality is, we all judge a book by its cover.

Color, typography, imagery and the way it all comes together gives us an impression of what a book is about. And we decide if we like it – in less than 10 seconds.

That’s all the time you have to grab a potential reader’s attention. And if you miss that – there they go – on to the next book. It pays to get your cover right!

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