I loved the process of working with Lucinda Rae! Her creative energy and divine intuition helps guide the collaborative process to create imagery that truly represents the client.

~ Deborah Harlow, The Joyful Leader

“It’s beautiful, Lucinda – it makes me emotional and it’s beyond the expectation of what I could have imagined.  Thank you sincerely.”

~ Maya White 

“Lucinda’s process helped me to connect with the expanded version of myself and gain clarity on the next phase of my mission. The process helped me to reconnect with parts of me I had disconnected from… for fear of showing up THAT powerfully in the world! The Prosperity Branding process was empowering and healing. As a result I am even more confident and my brand images are aligned with, and reflect, who I am now. I am attracting my ideal clients with ease and my business is growing steadily. I would absolutely recommend Lucinda because she so quickly and easily ‘got me’. She knew what I wanted and needed and was a joy to work with. I loved how her intuitive gifts also allowed her to come up with something more magnificent than I could ever dream of! 

When I first serendipitously stumbled upon Lucinda’s essence and work, I was immediately ignited with inspiration. Seeing how Lucinda truly embraces herself and her feminine essence gives me so much hope for how I can practice this in my own life both personally and professionally. My top three role models are Marianne Williamson, Marie Forleo, and Lucinda Rae, and whenever I need inspiration, I go to Lucinda’s site — to the point that I’ve probably spiked her online traffic! I highly recommend Lucinda to women who need clarity on their brand or business path or who are not thriving in their current job and desire a soulful career change.”

— Monique-Marie DeJong, Imaginative Book Editor, Visionary Marketing Writer, Personal Brand Alchemist