joc“From the moment we started working together, I have been so happy that I chose Lucinda to design & develop my new website. We began with Lucinda’s process of working with the archetypes, to see which qualities and ideas I want my site to convey. This archetype process is simply a genius idea. It was almost like a coaching process in which my innermost values and vision were brought to light more clearly than I could ever have stated them myself. Following that, as she was developing the site, Lucinda was very responsive and frequently asked for my feedback to ensure I would love the way everything turned out. She created absolutely stunning graphics which she used to create a professional, inspiring, and truly magical combination of text and images. She spent extra time working with me to get the colors on my site just perfect for what I want to convey. She also spent extra time training me on WordPress to ensure I would be comfortable managing the site after it launched. Finally, during the launch of my new site, she was extremely responsive and took extra time to ensure that everything was functioning exactly the way I needed it. I am so glad I found Lucinda, and I will definitely continue to request her services for all of my design and branding needs going forward.” — Jocelyn Mercado, Founder of Sacred Planet 

“We couldn’t be happier.” Elizabeth & Jennefer,The Healing Collective

CM“My graphics for my upcoming Live Event are off the hook! I love that Lucinda is so intuitive in our work together and always willing to push the edges of standards in my industry. She comes up with great new ideas and is super fun to co-create with. I always know that I will get unique visual branding that totally captures my brand essence, and also completely stands out in the marketplace too. And this is important to me since I help people create strong personal brands… I highly recommend working with Lucinda!”

— Christina Morassi, Your Ecstatic Brand Mentor,

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression and I can’t imagining leaving that first impression up to anyone but Lucinda!
Bill Poett, Author and Leadership Training Specialist

Steph“Creating my new site with Lucinda Rae from start to finish was a dream come true. Lucinda is a true artist who’s ability to conceive a project from start to finish, from the initial photo shoot and brand archetype work to the final, brilliant website has been a remarkable experience. She helped to pull aspects of my being to the forefront and then translated them into concept, color, images and design. I am beyond happy with our collaboration and highly recommend all of her services.

Stephanie Dawn, Sacred Business Coach


“I highly, highly recommend Lucinda Rae she’s amazing at branding and photo shoots! Not to mention web design. I love her work!!!”

— Lisa Michaels, Goddess Mentor and Best-Selling Author 

LEA_“Lucinda’s Prosperity Branding program will activate your fabulousity, breathe new life into your marketing message, and bring your true essence to into form. If you’d like to transform your brand from boring to brilliant, don’t waste another minute! Go see Lucinda if you’re ready to share your special magic with the world!

— Lea Denmark, Life Transformation Mentor & Speaker,

tanya“I absolutely love working with Lucinda! We created an incredible partnership that made it so easy for me to trust her with designing my website. It is so difficult finding a web designer who has the knowledge of what makes a website sell coupled with the graphic designing that speaks to the modern day feminine movement. What I love the most about her is her creativity. Her images capture the essence of my brand. She has a way to bring out EXACTLY what I want on screen … as if she was in my head! Seriously brilliant. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a reliable, intelligent and talented Brand Strategist/Web Developer  to work with Lucinda. You get the full package: photography, graphics, website, branding … it doesn’t get any better than this. I am simply in love with EVERYTHING she has created for me. Lucinda is bringing my vision to life on the web in a major way that will be relevant for years to come.”

 — Tanya Paluso, CEO of Tribal Truth & Best-Selling Author,

Lori“Working with Lucinda to create a new online presence was AMAZING! She is a true visionary.  Within our first conversation it was clear that she was the person to support me in drawing out and expressing the parts of myself I most longed to see and wanted to convey through my web presence.  I think within each of us are aspects we long to see, but for many different reasons, they appear veiled.  Lucinda is a person who lifts that veil revealing the jewel within… for me this happened when she created my Soul Signature Image (Goddess Portrait).  I felt like I could finally see me and I could see the presence I wanted conveyed in my website. It was a powerful foundation for my visual branding and online presence!  I never imagined creating a new website would be so deeply transformational…but that is the space Lucinda holds…a space to fully see self and then powerfully step in! From the deepest place in my heart…Thank you Lucinda!  I LOVE my new web presence!”

— Lori A Andrus, Crystal Priestess and Founder of Journey Jewels, www.LoriAAndrus

Paula“Working with Lucinda Kinch and her Prosperity Branding system is golden. Lucinda is who you want if you’re looking to create a truly authentic brand. Deciding to work with Lucinda was one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I gained insights about myself through her goddess archetype assessment (I’m a Sage Alchemist) that gave me the clarity I needed to effectively market, communicate and connect with my community. Lucinda provided the tools and creative inspiration to transform my generic brand, which felt OK but spoke to hardly anyone (leaving me to struggle to “find” clients), to creating my magical brand that bedazzles my brilliance, making it easy for clients to find me! Since unveiling my new brand, I’ve received speaking engagements and interview requests.Lucinda captured my essence and message in a multifaceted brand with great brilliance and clarity! Lucinda is a rare and valuable gem! I highly recommend her.”— Paula Houlihan, The Money Alchemist,

tanya-christinaLucinda is a GENIUS. She captured the essence of what we wanted– instantly and BEAUTIFULLY in the banner and photos. We said what we wanted… but I was blown away by how quickly Lucinda came back to us with three options, all of which were gorgeous. I am an artist and so the look of things and the feel of things is really important. Lucinda “got” the message, the branding, and the look and created art for our website page.”

— Christina Dunbar & Tanya Paluso,

patricia“Lucinda is truly a remarkable visual artist that has really helped me to embody my work as an Author and Energy Therapist. My new visuals give brilliance and life to my website and marketing materials. She seems to always know how to take my ideas, thoughts, and vision and go above and beyond my expectations. Never mind providing me with kick ass prosperity branding tools every single time, her dedication and belief in my own potential inspires me to reach and expand further than I ever thought capable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart chakra. She is incredible. A true pleasure to work with Lucinda always.”

— Patricia Tomasi, Author & Coach,

Erika“Lu believed in me and my vision for Seven Figure Female from the beginning. Her unique archetypal branding process was the catalyst for owning my sacred feminine power visually for the first time. I am and always will be incredibly grateful to Lu for making this journey with me. It’s no easy feat to transform an idea into a brand and then build a website so it’s critically important to work with someone who’s able to lead and direct as well as listen and follow. Lu’s willingness to do just that makes her a wonderful partner for heart-centered female entrepreneurs looking to find their way through the branding labyrinth and bring their vision to life.”

— Erika Miscio, Boutique Business Mentor, Founder Seven Figure Female,

Helen“Lucinda’s process helped me to connect with the expanded version of myself and gain clarity on the next phase of my mission. The process helped me to reconnect with parts of me I had disconnected from… for fear of showing up THAT powerfully in the world! The Prosperity Branding process was empowering and healing. As a result I am even more confident and my brand images are aligned with, and reflect, who I am now. I am attracting my ideal clients with ease and my business is growing steadily. I would absolutely recommend Lucinda because she so quickly and easily “got me”. She knew what I wanted and needed. She was a joy to work with; very professional and calm. I loved how her intuitive gifts also allowed her to come up with something more magnificent than I could ever have dreamed up on my own!”

— Helen MacMillan, CEO of Awaken Studio,

ALL testimonial photos“Working with Lucinda Kinch is like having my very own special genie in a bottle.You share with her your wishes for your brand and not only does she deliver, she creates a magnificent masterpiece. Her process is truly remarkable. I’ve yet to see anything quite like it. Through her Prosperity Branding service, Lucinda was able to get to the heart and soul of my business within minutes. She knew exactly what colors to use, what fonts would best represent my message and how to weave my purpose into all of my visuals. She is brilliant. If you want your true essence to shine in the virtual world, Lucinda is your girl. You will not be disappointed.”

— KimberlyRiggins, Author & Coach,

Starla“Lucinda Kinch knows how to integrate your real brand and true essence into your website and social media campaign. Building a website is a birthing process, Lu will guide you through in a gracious intuitive manner using her techie savvy. We enjoyed creating with her very much — she’s a special woman.”

— Starla Fortunato, Celebrity Photographer, 

Aparna“Lucinda’s vision of me has catapulted me a new, upleveled direction with my mission. Her images of me convey not only beauty, but a deep power and groundedness as a woman. I work with women and when they see the visuals on my website, I intend for them to realize that they can cultivate the same qualities in themselves. I use Lucinda’s visuals on all my marketing materials including constant contact, my website, my Facebook, Google + and Twitter pages. It conveys what i have to offer in a beautiful yet subtle visual way. I loved working with Lucinda, her energy is open, inviting and uplifiting. Expect giggles during your photoshoot and that energy will lend of your branding. I highly recommend Lucinda for your branding and website photoshoots. I’ll be going back to her time and time again.

Aparna Khanolkar, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor & Author,

“Lucinda is the visual branding genius behind everything we do. Lucinda’s genius is her ability to connect with my vision and my purpose and really get into the heart of what I want to say, and she’s able to create a visual masterpiece that perfectly reflects my idea and my purpose. I am so grateful to have someone give vision to my dreams – Lucinda Kinch of Prosperity Branding is the only one I can say I fully trust to create it as desired! If only my words could carry the power of Lucinda’s images, I could explain just how talented she is! If excellence matters to you and your company then you have found a partner in Lucinda.”

— Bill Poett, Founder/Performance Coach and Author of ABC’s of Peak Performers,

“Lucinda is a true intuitive artist. I sending everyone I know to her for their graphic design needs. She is amazing; the mandala and website header she made me for my site is BEAUTIFUL – from the deepest depths of my heart – I am just blown away.”

— FaeNathara, Shaman & Pathfinder

“We hired Lucinda to create our new branding and web design for Fresh Choice and were looking for simplistic, up-to-date while maintain a homegrown feel to stand against our competitors. Lucinda was pleasant, patient, and consistent to work with through the numerous modifications we requested even after getting what we had asked for. She seemed to understand with an uncanny ability to design visually what I was speaking. I would recommend Lucinda for creative strategy work at all levels of company sophistication.”

— Cayce Howe, Interactive Marketing Director, Fresh Choice Restaurants, LLC

“My website is absolutely perfect, on every level! I Love the simplicity, and the layered feel to it all! The photos on each page add sooo much! You are such a talent and gift, thank you!”

Asia Warren, Rejuvenasia

Lea Denmark, continued:

“Before I met Lucinda, my online presence desperately needed a makeover – my website was not serving me well either visually or energetically, and I didn’t have a clue as to where to begin or how to fix it. I asked the Universe for guidance, and this time, the Universe delivered in spades! From the moment we met, I knew Lucinda and I spoke the same language. I felt she really ‘Got Me,’ and the more we talked, the more convinced I became that our meeting was divine intervention. It didn’t take me long to realize that she was the one I’d been looking for, the one who could help me bring my business to life.But what Lucinda is all about goes WAAAAY beyond THAT. It all started with a photoshoot on the beach, where Lucinda was able to capture my true essence on film, and she produced some of the best photographs of me that I’ve ever seen. She is an exceptionally gifted photographer, highly sensitive to the energy of the moment in every way – and that’s just the beginning of why I LOVE Lucinda!It was very difficult to choose which photographs were the very best ones to use for my branding, because almost everyone was a keeper. Once we were able to make the selections, Lucinda went to work conjuring up more of her magic, creating cosmic energy works of art and bringing the photographs to life in ways that completely resonated with the energy of my brand.As a result of Lucinda working her alchemical magic, I’ve noticed that everyone I meet is instantly much more engaged with what I do. Many ask who designed my cards and my website banner, and I’m sure word will soon get around that Lucinda is a superstar who is also tremendously fun to work with, and nobody will mind waiting in line to give her lots of money, to pay her handsomely for what her work is truly worth!Since I’ve been working with Lucinda, the energy in my business has picked up dramatically, on every level. Not only is my list growing by leaps and bounds, but because of my new branding I’ve been asked to speak at several new conferences and events which have been simulcast all over the world. I am now stepping into my soul purpose in bigger ways, and getting bigger results. I am always grateful when the Universe shows me the way, but this time, I am grateful beyond words that I was divinely guided to Lucinda. She has been fully committed to supporting my personal and professional comfort, growth and prosperity, in the process of helping me to develop my vision for my business and my brand.What I’ve loved most about working with Lucinda is her obvious joy in creating her special kind of multidimensional artistry. Her special gifts have helped to bring my soul purpose to life, to be visually expressed and understood. Working with Lucinda has been a powerful process that has helped me to see myself more clearly and to let go of some long-standing visibility issues that had been getting in my way. She has led me to make giant leaps forward in my business and in my life, and I’ve learned how easy and FUN it can be to let my inner light shine! Thank You, Lucinda!”

— Lea Denmark, Life Transformation Mentor & Speaker,