Refresh your Personal Image Branding

Let’s get you feeling as confident about how you look as you feel about the work you do.

Expand into your magnetic essence and unique embodiment of beauty with personal brand photos so you can standout online and attract your dream clients.


“Lucinda revealed my essence through the most magical photographs I’ve ever had taken.

She is simply amazing to work with. Honestly, you owe it to yourself to have a photo shoot with her at least once in your life. It’s a gift you’ll treasure forever. Thank you, precious Lucinda!”

Lisa Michaels, Founder of Natural Rhythms, Best-Selling Author & Mentor

"Maybe you and I knew each other in a past life - but no one has ever captured my spirit the way you have. Your pictures are simply sensational. There are so many good ones that I find it difficult to choose. Thank you so much Lucinda. The photos you took are so very beautiful."

Nancy Mills,Spirited Woman & Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves

"If you want to uncover your core essence and your big why, and work with someone who will blend those two things into an irresistible brand that is in alignment with your passion and purpose, then LOOK NO FURTHER! Lucinda is an Alchemical Artist who works intuitively to bring out your true essence and the essence of your brand and blends these into a stunning visual, intellectual, spiritual brand that you can embody every day. This is truly transformational. Lucinda, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have a client for life!"

Leslie JohnsonMarketing Mentor & Founder of Divine Feminine Marketing

No wonder I go 3000 miles to work with you! I don’t know where to begin with my appreciation for you, Lucinda. No one has taken pictures of me that I love as much as the ones you have taken. (Not by a long shot.) This is not only because you see beauty and know how to capture it with a camera. It is also because you know how to create space that is soaked in joy, that radiates joy, and that captures the joy on film. (What could be more magnetic and appealing than that!!) You invite me to step into my full expression of myself and you anchor that expression in a picture. Thank you so much!"

Sarah Lea Hamel

Lucinda has such a warm and friendly personality and it was so easy to see her passion for what she does shine through as she spoke to me… I was so excited to fly out to Lucinda’s beautiful home in LA [area] for a full day long photoshoot.I felt very comfortable in her presence as she has the ability to calm any nerves you may be feeling and inject a sense of humour into the situation, keeping it light hearted and informal. It was a long day and we even ran over time, I knew Lucinda was tired but she carried on regardless, truly dedicated to getting the perfect shots for me. A true professional! When I saw the photos a week or so later I was amazed! They are so stunning, they capture the essence of me and my brand perfectly and are actually the best photos I’ve ever had done, and I’ve been in front of the camera quite a lot having done a bit of modeling in the past. I’d recommend Lucinda’s photography to anyone, even if you don’t need a website!”

Natalie HeathRawlesque

"Lucinda has an incredible gift of sweet, sensual playfulness that immediately opened the portal for so much magic and radiance to come forth. This was one of my favorite shoots yet which says a lot as I spent so many years modeling and in front of the camera. Lucinda has such a sweet and comfortable presence with just enough wild and playful to truly bring out the full range of feminine expression in those blessed to be in front of her camera! For those of you sister revolutionaries out there desiring to bring forth your truest self more in your branding, I cannot recommend Lucinda Rae highly enough. Truly an experience of massive upleveling for both myself and my biz!"

Renee JeffusRevolutionary Radiance Movement

“Lucinda blended a deeper spiritual dimension with yet a highly professional approach to web design that truly helped capture the essence of my vision and the work I do. Her photography and visual design skills has surpassed all my expectations. I couldn't be happier with my choice of using Lucinda for my new website."

Anne-marie Charest

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Lucinda Rae is an award-winning artist and internationally acclaimed prosperity brand strategist and who activates and creates the power of your online and offline offerings with visual image to attract abundance and audience through natural magnetism and stunning visual branding and celebrity-worthy photographs. Delivering graphic design, visual identity creation, branding, online marketing and website development for over 17 years, Lucinda has created over 200 brand identities for corporate and creative entrepreneurs, iconic strong feminine leaders, and has captured thousands of stunning images and graphics. In her photography, artwork, and graphic design, Lucinda’s magic is empowering your unique journey to be authentically expressed as the magnificence that you are as you bring more beauty, inspiration, and purpose into life for your global community and legacy.