I haven’t met a woman who hasn’t been through the fires of overcoming the fear of getting visible as a way of expanding in the world and growing her business.

Imagine it. There you are. Ready to stand behind the camera in the first place to have your most radiant essence show up. Exposed with your photos plastered in your website as the credible expert you are, ready and fully awake to work with high-end clients. And then launching your website or online program.

Then you stop and rethink it. Without even knowing it, those fears of getting visible arise.

I experience it over and over with my women entrepreneur clients wanting a photoshoot or personal brand website, but they are quietly self-sabotaging from unconscious fears of being seen. They put it off; “Oh, I’ll do it in the third quarter this year,” or make other financial excuses (when there is always a way to create your dreams to unfold).

Because it feels exposed. It feels vulnerable. Even feels unsafe. Call it that past life where you stepped into your power as a medicine woman and was persecuted for it… or call it something else.

Why is this?

Can’t we just lovingly smile at our humanity? Those perceived flaws? Can we just accept our discomfort with getting a photoshoot, standing behind the video camera, or building a powerful website to blast forth our message and services?

It simply feels scary to be seen.

It’s a world of judgement, projection, rejection, humiliation, and more, that our minds can cower from when we put ourselves “out there”. Especially on a world wide web where there are well over 3 billion people who use the internet. Feel into that big group of mass consciousness!

It is really just our self-perception that matters in the end. But it is typically a human setback that needs to be worked through and overcome.

And it is the magic that happens each time I work with my clients. They seem themselves in a new light. They see their beauty. Their potential. They see their radiance to shine their light into this world.

Yes, it takes a leap. Especially if you are sensitive (most of us are!), or introverted (it is time to lovingly move ourselves beyond that label!) and spiritual (where you are used to the realm of the inner world and projecting out).

I can relate completely! 

I thought I was going to pass out the first time I had a celebrity photographer photograph me in Hollywood. I got hair and makeup done that I looked like someone from a movie set, and then showed up before that long lens… it felt like I was looking down the barrel of a gun. But that didn’t stop me. And when I got my sparkling golden dance outfit on and started playing and twirling, it all shifted.

I felt my inner landscape — my essence — dancing as itself.

Which is what I do with my photoshoot clients. We play. We express. After a bit, we barely even know we are taking pictures! 🙂

The antidote to staying hidden… is allowing yourself to BE SEEN.

We must move beyond the playing-small-stories. Beyond to projected judgments of others. Beyond the idea that your nose or thighs are too big. (It’s bull-oney.)

We must instead shine as the glory light expressed as children of the divine.

That is how I see my photography and website clients. I will not see you otherwise, and I will insist you to show and shine as the radiance that you are – I will be a compassionate midwife and also a tough loving mentor.

You must know the prosperity — your inner most happiness — that is beyond the surface of the face of your website or brand. The deeper beauty that is waiting to have its luminosity expressed in this world. That which will support you bouncing out of bed in the morning, and going to bed with a brighter smile. It is my delight to capture this, and create visual magnetic gorgeousness and an online platform for you to shine from.

This is exactly what I explore in my Activate Your Prosperity Brand discovery session. I invite you to APPLY HERE for a complementary session for us to chat about your online brand and supporting you to lovingly getting visible.

Let’s make the next the most liberated, safely visible, and beautiful year yet.