Want to be more authentically expressed while also making more money in your business?

Get ready for the journey to beautifully transform your business and life.

Have you been delaying getting things done because you’re terrified of being visible?

…Still working on that online program or website?  …Just 10 more pounds to loose before that photoshoot? …Afraid of fully investing in your business?

I’ve heard people come up with reasons and make excuses like these, and more, so many times.

These are so often simply unconscious fears of being visible in countless clients I’ve worked with. That fear of visibility is what is interfering with your ability to create a meaningful contribution and legacy.

That feeling of it not being safe is in the subconscious (or from other lives) and it is time to release it. It can feel safe to be seen and spread your message. 

Now IS the time to get visible.
The only way to get better at being visible is to BE visible. 

#HereIAM, the 21-Day Authentic Visibility Immersion will support you to do just that.

This immersion will give you both the structure AND the creativity to move forward gracefully.

The 21-Day Authentic Visibility Immersion is a meaningful and practical immersion experience.

  • You will release fears of being seen online.
  • You will gain confidence around sharing your life’s mission and purposeful contribution. 
  • You will step into your unique expression in not only your business, but also in your life.

When your online presence feels more like YOU, personal branding, and showing up as your unique self, becomes graceful and effortless.

Authenticity is the life force energy and catalyst of your creative expression. As you tap into your true essence, you unleash your true spirit. You will be seen in the world with new magic and vibrancy.

The purpose of this Authentic Visibility Immersion is to shift into your next level of self-expression by clearing the false core beliefs and judgements that may have held you back from being your most radiant, prosperous self.

For 21 days, you’ll be guided through simple yet powerful tips and creative exercises to awaken inner luminosity, new pathways and increase prosperity potency.

This program is for women and men at all stages of business.

It will reinspire those who’ve been in the industry for decades, or activate new beginnings for those just starting out. 

This deep dive will awaken parts of your spirit that are ready to be expressed.

What you can expect:

  • 21-Authentic Visibility exercises to enliven your prosperous brand and life
  • Beautiful transformation that leads to more clients and abundance
  • A sense of renewed confidence to stand out in social media marketing
  • Greater clarity of Who You Are in this world
  • Radiance in your brand and life as a result of unleashing your self-expression

Here are a couple examples of Lucinda’s past visibility immersion on Facebook:  

You will be uniquely guided by Lucinda to reveal your full personal authentic self using visuals and written expression through a process of exercises.

You will explore sharing yourself in life and your personal brand through practicing deeper levels of visibility.

You will heal myths around appearance and beauty in our culture.

And you will step into your spiritual leadership to bring in greater abundance, life-currency, and prosperity.

This 21-Day Immersion is for you if you want to:

  • Be more fully self expressed as the powerful, beautiful being you are
  • Release and obliterate deep-seeded and unconscious fears of being seen in this world
  • Unveil deeper aspects of your unique essence
  • Feel more confident about sharing new aspects of yourself in social media
  • Radiate authentically raw and real power with more ease and grace
  • Step into your sacred power as a business person
  • Activate the next level of your potential and prosperity flow
    This course isn’t about the latest business templates. It’s about profound healing, transformation, and creative expression.
    That means you and your business WILL BE DIFFERENT as a result of this 21-day immersion.


    Frequently asked questions

    Q: I feel blocked to get visible (and even sign up for this immersion in the first place) because I feel hesitant and even scared to step out to shine – and yet I just want to feel free to be me. Will this immersion help?

    A: Yes, you are in the perfect place! This 21-Day Authentic Visibility Immersion will powerfully and gently guide you to experience empowered shifts in your business you are ready to open to expand through even the most subconscious resistance. You will discover how your vulnerability and resistance can be blessings to shift into more full potential.

    Q: Will I create immediate cash flow as I move through your program?

    A: This is designed to both heal visibility and also feel more expressed in authentic ways that work for you. In being more seen, you will open up your field with greater and attract more clients. When you become more visible and start healing layers of shame that we’re not even fully conscious they are there, things will move forward in unexplainable ways. It is a key in prosperity and making money.

    Q: I have a very busy schedule. Will this be a distraction, and how much time should I expect it should take?

    A: You can devote as little as 5-10 minutes a day on the daily activity, but ideally it can be longer. Once you get into the creative flow, you may find that time expands and you want to be in the process longer. Either way, if you dedicate a small portion of your day and are disciplined to commit to your next level of being visible you will come to know this is an amazing complement to your other work. Your regular business, a launch, or just moving into your next stretch.

    Q: Will I have any opportunity to interact with Lucinda personally during the 21 days?

    A: Lucinda designed this offer something at a low price point as a catalyst for a profound personal journey while she guides you through it. She intended it to be thorough and guided enough to lead you through it like you have her accountability and support through the daily activities. Lucinda will be also be monitoring the Facebook group but won’t be personally interacting in the 21-days.

    Q: I’m already an accomplished entrepreneur but I feel like I want to go to the next level of my authentic visibility, will this immersion be too basic for me?

    A: As entrepreneurs, it’s important to continuously stretch ourselves into the next level and there’s always more levels to inquire about in being seen. There are often hidden pieces in our psyche that may still need a brushstroke of healing and releasing more layers of stuckness. This will push you to stretch and evolve in new ways that will surprise and uplift you.

    You will also receive these valuable bonuses:


    The Art of the Shameless Sacred Selfie Guidebook

    Expressing your Unabashedly Unique Self with your Smartphone: Tips & tools to take and share great self-portraits

    (Value $44)


    Prosperity & Power Prayer Audio MP3

    Releasing Shame of Being Seen to Step into Powerful Prosperity

    (Value: priceless)

    21-Day Authentic Visibility Immersion
    • What you will receive in this virtual 21-Day Visibility Immersion:
    • 21 Guided Immersions, Exercises and/or Activations to heal and expand your visibility in social media and your Facebook posts, sent by email daily for 21 days.
    • The Art of the Shameless Sacred Selfie Guidebook PDF, Expressing your Unbashedly Unique Self with your Smartphone, 12 tips & tools with photos to take and share great self-portraits
    • Prosperity & Power Prayer-Declaration Audio MP3
    • HERE I AM, Private Facebook Mastermind Group

    Now is the time to chose authenticity. 

    It’s time to do business from our creative expression as the the path of an entrepreneur.

    Here’s to being seen, 



    Lucinda Rae is the Founder of Prosperity Branding where your life calling merges with your unique expression and online presence. She crafts visual brands from her brand archetype process to create stunning websites including portrait photography, artful visionary graphics coming together with strategic marketing to create an unforgettable and lucrative presence to support your spiritual leadership and legacy. Lucinda lives in the sunshiny Santa Ynez Valley coastal California, where she loves making artwork to inspire the Light Divine within, being mother to her lively boys, devoting her life to self-mastery and learning, and expressing the beauty and love of the holy feminine within.