World, meet: (and all that went into it!)

[Unveil 1 of 5: Intro!] 

Excited to be sharing throughout the day launch of a new website I am so proud to have created: for Natalie Heath – I will be sharing images of this brand including Personal Brand Photos, Archetypal Examples, Visual Branding (for online + offline) and Website Development from start to finish as I unveil the behind scenes to the finished results.

[Unveil 2 of 5: Behind-the-Scenes!]  

Natalie Heath was truly a delightful client. It wasn’t just her British accent that kept me enchanted and the fact that she was my first client to fly ALL the way over from London to do a photoshoot with me, but this woman is pure gold in her dedication to raw foods… that pairs with a passion of Burlesque dancing. What fun it was to create in pure sensual joy of feminine magnetism + healthy lifestyle… introducing: the RAWLESQUE brand. Here are a few behind the scene images of the first part of creating her Prosperity Brand and website – getting ready and during her Personal Brand Goddess Photoshoot. 


[Unveil 3 of 5: The Photography!]

Gorgeous Natalie during her photoshoot! Lots of giggles +  ooohs n’ ahhhs turning part-boudoir and part healthly lifestyle expression. Loved setting up on the retro stove and creating scenes for the pinup look all the way to capturing Natalie’s softer spiritual side at a Hopi Labyrinth. (Makes me consider creating a Boudoir Package!) Do I need any more words to say what an incredible experience it was?! WOW.


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[Unveil 4 of 5: The Visual Brand!]

Creation of individualized banners for pages on website, banners for her signature programs, business cards, “DVD” cover for free gift/video series, and logo. Also includes unique typography, color scheme and universal brand textures, etc. Here are a few elements from her website that create the visual branding…

Main website banner:

Banners for the signature programs:

Business Cards:

“DVD” cover for free gift Video Series:

And the logo!


[Unveil 5 of 5: The Website!] 

This is a responsive theme and I’ve animated the text to slide across each banner using a different photograph. Such an alchemical process to watch the photos turn into art to hold the space of the website and represent Natalie’s mission to launch out in to the world today! Check out what she’s up to at







TADA! It’s a wrap. But — that was really a peek because there is SO much more that went into this project from a whole pile of photos to be used throughout the website as desired and in marketing and social media posts and multiple goodness throughout the website.

To inquire about your Prosperity Brand & Website and/or your Personal Brand Photoshoot, apply here now and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


“The very first time I saw Lucinda’s work I knew that I’d found the perfect person to help me bring my vision to life. Then when I was fortunate enough to meet Lucinda in person at a business event in LA my intuition was confirmed. Lucinda has such a warm and friendly personality and it was so easy to see her passion for what she does shine through as she spoke to me. We got the ball rolling with some informative Skype conversations after I got back to the UK and started planning our strategy. Lucinda sent me all sorts of fun and clever quizzes and questionnaires to help her really get to know me, my business and my vision. With these exclusive tools she is able to reveal your unique personality and what makes your business different and stand out from the rest and she can then accentuate this and infuse it into your online presence, meaning that your website and branding really reflects the unique selling points of your business and also you as a person. That is important because it enables potential clients to really get a feel of who you are and what it would be like to work with you. It really is very clever stuff and she does it so easily and successfully.

I was so excited to fly out to Lucinda’s beautiful home in LA for a full day long photo shoot. Lucinda provided a very talented hair and makeup artist who immediately ‘got’ the look and vibe I was aiming for. I felt like a star for the day as I was preened and pampered, polished and perfected. Lucinda had set up several different sets for our photos to take place, to reflect my brand and get the best out of me. I felt very comfortable in her presence as she has the ability to calm any nerves you may be feeling and inject a sense of humour into the situation, keeping it light hearted and informal. It was a long day and we even ran over time, I knew Lucinda was tired but she carried on regardless, truly dedicated to getting the perfect shots for me. A true professional! When I saw the photos a week or so later I was amazed! They are so stunning, they capture the essence of me and my brand perfectly and are actually the best photos I’ve ever had done, and I’ve been in front of the camera quite a lot having done a bit of modelling in the past. I’d recommend Lucinda’s photography to anyone, even if you don’t need a website!

After that magical uplifting day when my feet were back on solid UK ground again, we continued consulting with each other and Lu progressed with working on my website. I have to say that as time unfolded, I began discovering more and more things I wanted to include on my site and Lucinda took all of this on board with grace and style. She was always happy to incorporate my ideas into the layout and design of the site. She has been so generous with her time, knowledge and expertise, taking time to answer all of my questions and make sure I am 100% happy with everything, tweaking what was not quite right and making amendments here and there until we achieved the vision! And I really want to point out here that the finished product is all that I’d imagined but 100 times better. I feel that Lu has been so successful at infusing my personality and style throughout the site, and I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to really get to know me in order to make this possible. I’m so excited to be unveiling our baby to the world today and feel very proud of what we have achieved.

Since working with Lucinda I definitely feel more confident in my business. I feel that she helped me to get crystal clear on my brand and vision. I feel proud to send people over to my new website, I feel proud to give out my business cards and I feel proud to communicate with people through my social media pages. I would recommend Lucinda’s services to any online business owner/entrepreneur who is ready to take their online presence to the next level and allow themselves to stand out from the crowd and shine like the stars that they are. You won’t regret working with this gifted and very talented lady, you’ll absolutely love the resulting products and you will have a real blast along the journey too!”

Natalie Heath
Women’s Weight Loss & Body Confidence Mentor
Raw Food Alchemist & Coach