Empower your Brand Attributes

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How do you weave your most important business strengths into the visual elements and essence of your brand?

The visuals that your brand conveys, from headline graphics to the subtle color nuances and emotional subconscious placements, are a bouquet of brand synergy.

The emotion behind your brand visuals accentuates the impact factor.

Your brand is an incredible entity of your business. It has personality and breathes life into your entrepreneurial presence.

The brand visuals are like the cloak of your brand. Is yours a flowing, semi-transparent material studded with elaborately sequined mehndi patterns? Or is it a hand woven crimson-nutmeg wool shawl that enfolds warmth and comfort?

Graphic design takes a lead role in your brand perception.

Have your brand visuals created by your designer who is intuitively poised to align the many subtle nuances that is the future of your business. Your designer also designs your visuals to speak to the hearts of your right people, your potential clients.

Your brand visuals drive your marketing, pushes business forward, and allows you to naturally glow in your marketplace.

When you get well-defined in all the elements of your brand, including the visuals, you grow and flourish brand value and most of all it is the conduit for your business growth as your right people will be inspired and motivated to buy from you.

If your brand visuals aren’t connected to your voice and essence, there is a subtle disorientation that happens and things don’t feel lined up on an intuitive level. It all needs to be tuned into your message’s essence and deeper story through your website and any other promotional materials.

Your brand thrives on consistency and coherence. Your designer needs to understand what that looks like on a profound level – what you’re saying to the head and the heart, so your finished piece makes sense at a core level.

The four main brand attributes that deliver impact: 
Color, Continuity, Connection, Core Essence.

{These are the brand elements that will speak to their heart and subtle emotional level as a state of being, the value that will be received by your client — that which in turn creates memorable impact, and transactions. It’s infused in your brand essence.}

1. Color

Color is a key component that conveys your essence. Deeping on where the range of the hue falls in the color wheel, its brightness, the color can convey different aspects. Also if the color is beside another color it can have different effects, too. Combinations can present a collaborative montage of essence.

The psychology behind individual colors usually conveys some of the following:

  • Green – Charm. Youthful. Growth. Abundance. {Here’s a quick example of differing specific values/hue tints: Deep green – mystery, richness. Celery green – energetic, eco-friendly, and some more of the above.}
  • Blue – Depth {think the color at the core of a flame}. Trust. Authority. Calm. Peace.
  • Red –  Enthusiasm. Exhilaration. Desire-fire. Intensity. Passion. Conduit.
  • Purple – Intuitive. Free-spirited. Aspirational. Dignified.
  • Yellow – Optimism. Cheer. Friendliness. Energy. Warmth.
  • Orange – Magnetic. Bold. Confidence. Eastern spirituality {when appropriate}.
  • Pink – Sweetness. Femininity. Soft. Nurturing.  Security.
  • Brown – Approachability. Organic. Earthy. Reliability.
  • Gray –  Timeless. Solid. Practical. Simple. Humble.
  • Black –  Power. Sophistication. Elegance. Cosmic. Depth. Mystery.

2. Continuity

Keep the artistic style succinct within the frame of continuity.

Your colors, along with artistic elements such as your social media icons or your headline graphic fonts, say a lot about your brand styling. Your consistent image will create recognition, back up your voice and language, and cultivate connectivity your clients will begin feeling comfortable with, like swinging by a familiar café when they come to hang out on your website. They’ll find a comfy seat, sip some latte, and then ultimately buy some dark roasted organic beans from you.

Which leads me to the next point…

3. Connection

When people land on your site, they need to know why you are there for them. They need to feel what your values are about. Your visuals can speak to the heart.

How do your visuals speak to their human emotional needs, which creates the lasting impact and change their life was in need of?

You won’t be able to resonate on a soul level to everyone. And you don’t want to. Your right people will get the authenticity that you are. Your designer/brand strategist should have you filled out a detailed questionnaire that gets to the spirit of your brand at its core intrinsic level, and pull out the elements that need to be illuminated so your right people feel this connection, and use you as their resource or service provider.

The many elements from font choices, stock images, custom art, etc. connect your specific client type to your brand.

4. Core Message Translation

This is about the succinct relevance in the feel of your message. Keep it to the point and keep it on-topic to your brand.

What are you laying down? What is the feeling behind it?

Are you about empowering others, and therefore need a powerful and inspiring brand? Are you a life coach who connects to your clients in an intimate loving way and need an open-hearted brand with warm splashes of light play, hues and swashy inviting fonts?

Your core message essence needs to be conveyed in your brand message and its visuals. 

Here are a few examples of how to stay true to your visual core message:

If you’re a creative… flowing elements that dance around on the page or website might be lovely and just what you need to show your ever-expanding flow of ideation.  But what if you are a slightly more rebellious type of creative? You make bold statement-based impact art; your brand would look different in your brand with edgier bright or high-contrasted graphics and brand elements. All depending on exactly how your message needs to be conveyed.

If you are an inspirational life coach… and you are about empowering others and perhaps through heroism — you’ll want to represent and instill confidence and inspire self-righteous leadership in your people’s own lives. What does that style look like? Depending, you’ll want to match up the correct blending of colors and font choice to instigate your motivated action in your potential client.

business coach empowering larger corporations? Imbue power. Authority. Solidity. Results. Understated, but bold. Put that in your brand image.

tantric relationship coach helping couples/individuals fulfill an inner sense of intimacy? Sensuality. Silky. Warm. Deep. Compassionate. Softness. Weave it into your gorgeous brand visuals.

yoga instructor for a boutique spa? Aligned. Enfolding. Opening. Aesthetically pleasing. I needs to flow identity and appearance.

How do the subtle ways of your deeper story get conveyed in your brand image?

Carefully plan your branding and design strategy. Having an expert work with you will ensure your brand identity aligns with the value you’re proposing. Remember it’s about the experience conveyed and the emotional impact your service/product is beautifully veiled in. If you make them feel connected and a part of something, your business will blossom along with your clients’ satisfaction.

How do you feel your brand story’s visuals are presenting itself to others? Are you in alignment?

Let’s attune to the next level of your brand story’s visuals.

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In today’s uber-connected online world requires a high level of “know, like and trust” concept for your personal brand. So, where should you start? Here’s a look at some practical tips to build your network and marketing with more ease and grace with 3 brand gems to support your lifestyle and portrait photos in your marketing and online personal brand.

1. How do your potential clients “KNOW” you?

This is where it all begins. It’s about visibility. Being seen. Before you can offer anything, your people need to obviously know you exist. You need to be in their scope and they must see you. Seems pretty basic, yah? Well it’s one if the biggest, consistent challenges with my clients and many entrepreneurs. Visibility is often one of the primary challenges. Introvert or not, you have to get yourself out there and around from commenting in forums to bring readers or discovery-session-takers to your schedule, and activating relationships. Make an enticing offering for opt-in and continue to cultivate connections. AND share PHOTOS of you, your offerings, your products. Heartily.

2. How do your potential clients “LIKE” you?

After you’ve gotten savvy about the KNOW factor, great, they know you exist… so do they like you? Listen up, because you’re not going to get everyone to like you. You can’t market to everyone anyways! That’s like marketing to know one. When you go to connect, write a blog, make a video, do a Facebook post, you need to know who your people are and who you are speaking to. Effective, magnetic brands know who they are speaking to. They create polarity and people often like or dislike. Your likers will become your audience or clients! And may fall in love with you, too.

Well, how do you do that? BE. YOUR. SELF. That is the only and most powerful thing in a personal brand. Align to your core values and share, share, share your message and offerings. Sing it from the rooftops and be 100% authentically true to who you are.

3. How do your potential clients “TRUST” you?

This is when they know AND like you. And come back for more, and to work with you. First steps to the formula where your people can return again and again, once the foundation of trust is here. Break it down to the principles of a great brand…

Be Consistent.
Be Clear.
Be Congruent.
Be Compelling.
Be Communicative.

Show up again and again as YOU, as your values. Make sure you have a clear expression of you and all you stand for brightly shining through. Have everything play out in the ultimate equation of it working together. Keep your message inspired, interesting, informative and valuable. And communicate… over and over, again and again. This keeps the KNOW in step #1 alive and flowing.

What’s something you can do now to up your KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor in your brand?

P.S. And don’t forget AMAZING personal brand photos of you for your website, blog, business cards, book covers, and all your social media and marketing channels. And then of course having the photos beautifully designed into these various marketing channels. KNOW anyone that might be able to do this with and for you?  

If you’d like my eyes on your brand, I’m offering Activate Your Brand Discovery Sessions this week: https://prosperitybranding.com/discovery/

The 3 Main Visibility Obstacles and the Antidotes for More Beauty and Prosperity

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It takes a lot of courage to be seen in all our glory when we build or uplevel a website or personal brand. Each of us often has one or more “boulders” that can get in the way of putting ourselves out there more, or being more visible.

I’ve compiled what I have found in my work with other clients what are the 3 Main Visibility Obstacles and their Antidotes to move through them for increased life flow, client attraction, and prosperity. And then some. 🙂 

1. Overcoming Criticism & Rejection

We can be so afraid of being seen in our creative endeavor at the risk of others not liking our work, our creativity, our offering… part of our soul. We can feel triggered by these levels of rejection sometimes at different levels depending on who it is that is doing the criticizing or rejecting and what that person — or the respect we hold for them — means to us.

A big example of this one is women and their body consciousness around being seen in their personal brand portraits for photoshoots. When a woman feels overweight, or has some other image issue, it often stops her with, “I’ll just do it after I loose just 10 or 15 more pounds,” etc.

When discussing the upcoming personal brand photoshoot for Stephanie Dawn, her body consciousness insecurities arised. I supported her to move through not being around wanting to be at her ideal weight and helped her realize the time is now, and that the photos would support her in feeling beautiful and radiant in the next level in her business success and prosperity… and they did just that.

Since she was ready in her business for a massive uplevel and she didn’t allow her body awareness to stop her from moving forward in her business. (Psssst — as if being taken seriously as a business coach has ANYTHING to do with having some extra weight on!)

Steph“I was indeed the heaviest I had been since being pregnant. What happened was this: my need/desire to up level was greater than my upset around being photographed at my heaviest. I knew the time was now and ultimately, I was right. I am so glad I went for it. As you read, my health transformation happened several months later and it’s still happening. I am doing another cleanse in about a week, once my kids start school. I have about 10 more pounds to lose to be at my optimum weight. So it’s a journey. I will at some point, when I am ready, get new photos and banners again with Lucinda, but there’s no rush.”  ~ Stephanie Dawn, Sacred Business Coach

{Antidote Magic to Judgment and Criticism}

First it is important to acknowledge your emotions (briefly) that another has triggered within you so you can move through it, forgive yourself for buying into a false story, and silently forgive another for what they have projected upon you. View it as an opportunity that a reflection is pushing your limits. Treat yourself with compassion, place your hand over your heart, and call on the divine that is right within you to affirm the worthiness of your deserving and success at a soul level.

Refuse to let rejection define you. We must maintain perseverance in the heart and mind, to not make spacious generalizions if we run into rejection. If someone criticizes your writing, so – it’s not their cup of tea. If a potential lover rejects you, don’t find yourself to be unlovable but instead know that the Divine has a far more vast purpose for you and there is great abundance in the world to be enjoyed and experienced in life.

2. Obliterating the Fraud Factor.

The “Fraud Factor” is when you doubt the value you have to offer to clients, customers, or audiences.

It often times shows up when you’re new to your business, but can also sneak in when you are shifting into new levels of success and more wealth and you’re left thinking you need more credentials or a higher degree. So many of us have some sort of feelings about feeling secure and grounded in what we already know; accumulated in this lifetime, or other lives. It’s beyond what we know, and also who we are and what we have to offer the world. We can focus on self-doubt and get in our heads around how little we feel we know, or how much more we “should” glean before we can really offer more value.

What we can do is dig into the wealth of knowledge that we already possess.

When many women go to raise their rates from $75/per session to larger packages, they often don’t feel in alignment with jumping to three months worth of coaching and packing it up in a way that is much more effective and transformational for their clients AND more lucrative for them.

When I created a larger package for my website clients, I made the most potent combination of all my offerings from Brand Archetypes, Visual Branding, Brand Mentoring (with some splashes of business coaching tossed in)  and Website Design and Development. It is a *big value*, so this upleveled my offerings and a way that were also much more potent to clients than a logo here, or a book cover there (which I still do one-off services), because the value of the “whole shebang” as an overhaul for their online platform with me by their side in supporting them through the parts and pieces of a brand and website was much more potent than if just doing smaller pieces and/or having several people deliver the various parts in a way that isn’t nearly as effective or valuable to the client in the first place.


{Antidote Magic to the Fraud Factor}

Obliterating this is to focus on what you know to increase your personal and soul value.

This is about life experience and the innate wisdom that is already within you.

We tend to downplay our knowledge and think others already know it, because it is so obvious to ourselves.

But the amazing thing is that there is NO ONE like us, and the way we teach, our unique set of stories, our personalities, and offerings is totally genuine and authentic to our own being!

We are each so lusciously alive in our own makeup, that when we are fully ourselves, perfect on the moment and phase of our paths and evolution (and OWNING IT!) people will be attracted to who you are. You may find others even have more confidence and allure towards you than you do.

Wild, isn’t it?

Allow yourself to lead, and set an example. The gem here is to get out of your own way, and allow yourself to make it easy for people to connect with you that desire what you have to offer. That way you’ll glow in your own luminosity of life abundance and uniqueness.


3. Moving Beyond the Fear to Shine

We can try to hide our light to try and prevent others from feeling insecure or smaller than us. Sometimes we’ve had experiences with others being afraid of our beauty or radiance, and we’ve tried to dim it down.

Or we’ve felt the vastness of our soul, and the divinity of our spirit beyond the soul, personality, and all things, and we tried to rein it in because it felt too immense.

Dumbing and numbing ourselves down is not doing anyone any favors, because we are all here to lead by example, and ideally to shine the light and spread the light.

Just as little children come into the world to shine – before the perceived oppression of the world, others’ opinions, our upbringing, others’ projections and spells upon us, and the environment of how we learn.

It is our birthright to be gorgeous, talented, successful, brilliant, and to shine like the light striking a diamond.  In this, we free ourselves from the perceived limits of the physical plane, and expand into infinite potentiality which encompasses prosperity, health, wealth, and spiritual power.

{Antidote Magic to Shining Fear}

So how do we do allow our selves to SHINE?

When we can realize it’s not about the fear of failure, but more of the fear of success, we can start working with this illusion. Because in truth, that’s what our greatest fear is: SUCCESS. That means we are powerful, abundant, and moving into and receiving everything our heart desires. It’s moving beyond any self-worth issues, and allowing all our past failures fall by the wayside to step into a life of miracles and creating heaven around us.   

We can step into this realm of more success by deciding we are going to be that and release excuses and blocks around obstacles that we put in our way to hold ourselves from being the amazing aspect to our beings that keep us limitless.

When we spread our wings to soar and allow for this liberation, we automatically can transmit this potential upon others and allow it to flow into our lives more.

Where are you stopping yourself? You owe it to yourself to be the greatest version of your possible self in this life.

Offering a select amount of Visibility Breakthrough Sessions to support you in overcoming what keeps you clinging to invisible, and instead discovering the next step towards your next-level of prosperity and success.



I really want to hear from you! Please share some of your visibility issues or obstacles with me in the comments below and let’s get this conversation started.



Accept Yourself and Become More Visible

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No more putting things off.


It’s time to break free from the chains you or others have put upon you around staying invisible.

Projections and judgments can turn into false core beliefs and shame. Often a parent, or another authority, tells us to dim it down early in life and the negative voice gets into our subconscious as our own voice and it slows us down… Who were they to tell you to stop being bright? Did they not realize you are here to be amazing? Why would we even be influenced by another’s ideas in the first place?

Let go of the need for acceptance. Not everyone will accept you anyways. 

And that doesn’t matter, you can accept yourself, and know you’re a child of the divine.


It’s time to turn back up your light and shine ON. And on and on…

The #HereIAM 21-Day Authentic Visibility Immersion begins in less than a week. Don’t delay your empowered decision.



The Coin of Visibility

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It can sometimes be a juxtaposing dance to show up and be seen consistently in social media and your personal brand as a business owner. Many of us inwardly feel modest or not feel like sharing if we are naturally the introspective type. The to-our-selves type. Where hanging out in the studio working on your creation with just God as your witness is the perfect way to share your world…

And sometimes we want to share and shine in our life’s achievements with the beautiful community of family and friends around us. We want to share our own radiance and bring our inner world to the outer for others to feel inspired by. In order to make more of a contribution in this world, we must rise and blossom forth to share and shine the light as a leader.

As a personal brand entrepreneur, public figure, mentor, author, or inspirational leader, we have to consistently show up and share the wisdom we’ve learned and shine the light. We have to do that Facebook post or blog entry to continuously contribute content back into the world.

It keeps us on our toes and expands us as not only a business owner but as a person on the spiritual path. But what is that magic ingredient that keeps sourcing this?

Well, there are many. And it comes from that which is sourcing you.

Even though there may be many moments were we are at total peace never being seen or heard except in the beautiful interior realm of the spirit, we are quietly encouraged to unfold into new spaces to radiate in the world. There is an overarching desire within our own souls to touch that with is the truth for our highest path.

To gently unfurl our budding truth into the fuller blossom of our life fulfillment.

And while we do this work though the perseverance to continue to show up and shine, something to watch for is the how we perceive sides of the coin.

Because there is that side of the coin that is loves to be invisible or just fade away into the inner realms, the one that projection by the world creates as being more humble or modest with. However, there is great confusion around these things which can often go in the direction of self-deprecation. Yes, you can be a humble being in this world, and still shine the light in big ways. Part of that path is being seen in the world so that your message gets shared in bigger ways.

The other side of the coin stands in self-value that is free from egotism and narcissism.

It is up to us to inquire within ourselves how we are honoring and loving ourselves to be seen or not be seen. To share, or not to share.

This all stems in the perception of how you relate to other seeing you.

Have you been told not to be too brilliant and beautiful? Have you been told to not be too bold, others may not like you? You might fail?

There are many voices and projections of others that have told you to play small.

You weren’t created to be small — you are here to be magnificent as an expression of your very Maker.

Sometimes flashy is the sparkle of the sunlight on the ocean, or the velvety glitter inside a magenta rose.

Neither knows modesty vs. vanity. They just allow for their own beauty to BE as a parts of the divine’s creation. We are all beautiful and all important.


We don’t need to fluff ourselves out to something other that the simplicity of being God’s children. Yet we must keep ourselves pure in the knowing that our importance isn’t more special than another’s.

Know what side of the coin you’re showing and sharing and how the coin may wobble for you. Elevate and learn more about your next-level self love and honoring.

We’ll be exploring this in just one of our in-depth inquiry exercises on the 21-Day Authentic Visibility Immersion coming up in a couple weeks. It’s an immersion — but it will change the way you show up to blossom your message, your business, your truth, your beauty, your spirit… into this world.

Learn more here: www.ProsperityBranding.com/HereIAM

Obliterate Fears of Being Seen

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Lucinda Rae - Obliterate Fears of Being Seen
I haven’t met a woman who hasn’t been through the fires of overcoming the fear of getting visible as a way of expanding in the world and growing her business.

Imagine it. There you are. Ready to stand behind the camera in the first place to have your most radiant essence show up. Exposed with your photos plastered in your website as the credible expert you are, ready and fully awake to work with high-end clients. And then launching your website or online program.

Then you stop and rethink it. Without even knowing it, those fears of getting visible arise.

I experience it over and over with my women entrepreneur clients wanting a photoshoot or personal brand website, but they are quietly self-sabotaging from unconscious fears of being seen. They put it off; “Oh, I’ll do it in the third quarter this year,” or make other financial excuses (when there is always a way to create your dreams to unfold).

Because it feels exposed. It feels vulnerable. Even feels unsafe. Call it that past life where you stepped into your power as a medicine woman and was persecuted for it… or call it something else.

Why is this?

Can’t we just lovingly smile at our humanity? Those perceived flaws? Can we just accept our discomfort with getting a photoshoot, standing behind the video camera, or building a powerful website to blast forth our message and services?

It simply feels scary to be seen.

It’s a world of judgement, projection, rejection, humiliation, and more, that our minds can cower from when we put ourselves “out there”. Especially on a world wide web where there are well over 3 billion people who use the internet. Feel into that big group of mass consciousness!

It is really just our self-perception that matters in the end. But it is typically a human setback that needs to be worked through and overcome.

And it is the magic that happens each time I work with my clients. They seem themselves in a new light. They see their beauty. Their potential. They see their radiance to shine their light into this world.

Yes, it takes a leap. Especially if you are sensitive (most of us are!), or introverted (it is time to lovingly move ourselves beyond that label!) and spiritual (where you are used to the realm of the inner world and projecting out).

I can relate completely! 

I thought I was going to pass out the first time I had a celebrity photographer photograph me in Hollywood. I got hair and makeup done that I looked like someone from a movie set, and then showed up before that long lens… it felt like I was looking down the barrel of a gun. But that didn’t stop me. And when I got my sparkling golden dance outfit on and started playing and twirling, it all shifted.

I felt my inner landscape — my essence — dancing as itself.

Which is what I do with my photoshoot clients. We play. We express. After a bit, we barely even know we are taking pictures! 🙂

The antidote to staying hidden… is allowing yourself to BE SEEN.

We must move beyond the playing-small-stories. Beyond to projected judgments of others. Beyond the idea that your nose or thighs are too big. (It’s bull-oney.)

We must instead shine as the glory light expressed as children of the divine.

That is how I see my photography and website clients. I will not see you otherwise, and I will insist you to show and shine as the radiance that you are – I will be a compassionate midwife and also a tough loving mentor.

You must know the prosperity — your inner most happiness — that is beyond the surface of the face of your website or brand. The deeper beauty that is waiting to have its luminosity expressed in this world. That which will support you bouncing out of bed in the morning, and going to bed with a brighter smile. It is my delight to capture this, and create visual magnetic gorgeousness and an online platform for you to shine from.

This is exactly what I explore in my Activate Your Prosperity Brand discovery session. I invite you to APPLY HERE for a complementary session for us to chat about your online brand and supporting you to lovingly getting visible.

Let’s make 2016 the most liberated, safely visible, and beautiful year yet.

Learn more and go here: www.ProsperityBranding.com/discovery  Connect with you soon. 🙂


Judging a Book by its Cover

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There is truth that your audience is judging your book by it’s cover, whether we want to admit it or not. We can’t help it — as humans we are simply visually-inclined. The visual translates to thinking which in turn effects our judgement of whether something is credible, inspiring, or interesting. The face of a book cover expresses the essence of the read, and is important for making a potent first impression with your ideal potential readers. 

In this article, I will cover a few things that you need to know before hiring your book cover designer. 

First and foremost, I say if possible, your personal brand wants to radiate through from your online visual brand to your book cover. There’s only one of YOU on the planet. What better than a punchy brilliant photo of you, rich on-brand coloring, gorgeous typography, and an overall best-selling vibe to attract thousands? 

Here’s one example of that. Client Spotlight, Tanya Paluso (Lynn) of Tribal Truth.  Her photo (by yours truly) shows her fun nature in the hot pink dress while being down-to-earth with barefoot in lotus style… attracting a specific-target audience of yoga pants wearers, priestesses, goddesses, the modern day woman, and beyond. The mandala design radiates a sense of expansion, while the gold gives a feeling of prosperity and divinity. And the prayer hands and light rays at the heart dove-tail with the title, all while showing an understanding of an open heart in leadership being a focus of the book. Intuitively this shares as a feminine leader further alluded to in the title’s tagline. Amazingly, Tanya had an epiphany in her business direction after I was blessed to help her understand her personal archetypes based on her core values… furthermore represented here in her Sacred Feminine Archetype photo. 


What does your designer need to know before designing your cover?

You designer needs a feel of the book, and if possible having read it. Ideally the author would provide a brief synopsis and any visual references for insight (especially if you’re not working with an intuitive, visionary designer.) The voice will come through. Ideally your designer will know a thing or two about branding, and be able to express an archetypal feeling for the book, in addition appealing to the ideal target market designing something slick enough that will appeal as a best-selling book cover. This will create the emotive ideal feeling, and a sense of style which will want to be perceived and visualized. Many different designers have a specific or unique style of design. If the vibe of your book matches their designerly style, they will be a good fit. Or, you can find a designer that will create based on the essence that wants to come through. If your book is light-hearted about joy, for an obvious example, the tone of your book cover wouldn’t’ want to feel moody and brooding. And vice versa, if your cover was about deep transformation or a story around intense karma, the feel might be a little more reverent. It also simply depends on the archetypal qualities. The feeling of a Heroine is simply different than the Innocent or the Lover.

Of course there are multiple factors must be considered, such as if there any colors that should or should not be used and why. Of course visual branding is a huge part of a book cover design. A good designer will have studied typography and be able to match fonts to voice as well as creating pleasing-to-the-eye arrangement of words and font combinations. This is a whole art in itself! As you can see, a lot goes into the creation of a good book cover, which is why this is something that’s often left in the capable hands of professional book designers.
Feel good about the imagery that represents your book that took you so many years of accumulating your personal and professional experience, voice, and inner truth. It’s worth it to yourself to make an investment on the visual representation on the path to your prosperous authorship.
book covers
If you would like some support in having your book cover designed, feel free and reach out to me to apply for a complimentary discovery session.

3 Strategies for Embodying Your Brand as a BOSSLady

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This is a post for The BossLady Blog Tour – dedicated to The Bead Effect project, developed by Kimberly Riggins to nurture collaboration among women business owners.

To say I’m thrilled to be a part of this tour is an understatement. It was an honor to have Kimberly hand-select me as one of her 12 powerhouse “bossladies.”

So what is a BOSSLady?

For me, being a BossLady is taking a stand—for myself. It’s about washing myself clean of co-dependencies, recommitting to my dreams and believing that I can lead the way to my own financial bliss.

It took me years to align with my BOSSLady, who I so often refer to as my inner Empress.

She responds, rather than reacts. She’s an effing lady and also an untamable wild woman. She melts into her femininity; doing business from her brilliance but staying centered in her breath, hips, and heart.

And when it comes to her business and her brand…it’s pretty much the same. She stays grounded, connected to herself + owns her stuff!

Here are 3 Ways you can Channel your Inner BOSSLady into your Brand:


Embody Your Unique Bliss

If you are a Personal Brand, then YOU are your brand. And everything you put out into the world MUST have YOU in it. Think of your brand as a texture, color, flavor, and perhaps some luminous light. Add to that your passions, your pleasures and some good old-fashioned fun.

Now how does that get expressed visually and message-wise?

Let’s say you are a raw foods teacher who loves to skate the boardwalk? But you don’t live near the beach. Who cares? Channel your inner BOSSLady by grabbing your green drink and film yourself roller-skating around the kitchen!

Or maybe you love to belly dance? Why not get all decked out in your garb, grab a video camera and create a welcome message you can splash across your homepage. (That’s what I did.)

Bypass Your Competition & Stop Comparing Yourself

I had to totally ditch the idea of being “in competition” with others in my industry. It kept me playing small and it stopped me from stepping into my entrepreneurial BOSSLady.

Since there is a lot of noise on the web, your strategy is simple… be so unapologetically yourself that you’re infectiously standing out above the cookie cutter brands and stepping up as the crème de la crème!

Think about it…did you ever hear competition toted as a good thing? I think its a bit of poppycock. We are in this together. Sure, we all want to be successful but not at the cost of someone else’s demise. I believe we could be even more successful if we helped our fellow BOSSLadies out, don’t you?

But I also know its not that easy and sometimes we compare ourselves to others in our industry. I’ve fallen into that trap too but I can tell you this…it has never served me well. I ended up losing my voice and sounding like a rent-a-copy of someone else. That never feels good. So tune into your mission, keep your eyes on the prize and do your own thing. Tap into your BOSSLady and express the heck out of it!

Face Your Fears & Have Some Patience

I think one of the best tactics you can use to market your brand is to take some risks. BOSSLadies face their fears and do the uncomfortable anyway. Why? Because in order to grow, you must be willing to take that next step.

But recognize that you move at your own pace. Be patient with yourself. BOSSLadies aren’t looking to become overnight successes. They are looking for longevity. And consistency.

Whatever you put out there…remember to always be YOU and have some FUN. BOSSLadies never forget that!

Check out yesterday’s article by the alluring Alana Sheeren HERE

And TOMORROW? Stay tuned for BossLady awesome Amber Campion’s words of wisdom!

With Golden Light,

Lucinda Rae





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World, meet: www.Rawlesque.com (and all that went into it!)

[Unveil 1 of 5: Intro!] 

Excited to be sharing throughout the day launch of a new website I am so proud to have created: Rawlesque.com for Natalie Heath – I will be sharing images of this brand including Personal Brand Photos, Archetypal Examples, Visual Branding (for online + offline) and Website Development from start to finish as I unveil the behind scenes to the finished results.


[Unveil 2 of 5: Behind-the-Scenes!]  

Natalie Heath was truly a delightful client. It wasn’t just her British accent that kept me enchanted and the fact that she was my first client to fly ALL the way over from London to do a photoshoot with me, but this woman is pure gold in her dedication to raw foods… that pairs with a passion of Burlesque dancing. What fun it was to create in pure sensual joy of feminine magnetism + healthy lifestyle… introducing: the RAWLESQUE brand. Here are a few behind the scene images of the first part of creating her Prosperity Brand and website – getting ready and during her Personal Brand Goddess Photoshoot. 



[Unveil 3 of 5: The Photography!]

Gorgeous Natalie during her photoshoot! Lots of giggles +  ooohs n’ ahhhs turning part-boudoir and part healthly lifestyle expression. Loved setting up on the retro stove and creating scenes for the pinup look all the way to capturing Natalie’s softer spiritual side at a Hopi Labyrinth. (Makes me consider creating a Boudoir Package!) Do I need any more words to say what an incredible experience it was?! WOW.







Do you desire your own amazing experience and pile of personal brand photos to use for your website and marketing needs? Click here to view your package.


[Unveil 4 of 5: The Visual Brand!]

Creation of individualized banners for pages on website, banners for her signature programs, business cards, “DVD” cover for free gift/video series, and logo. Also includes unique typography, color scheme and universal brand textures, etc. Here are a few elements from her website that create the visual branding…

Main website banner:

Banners for the signature programs:Banners Business Cards:Business_Card “DVD” cover for free gift Video Series:DVD

And the logo!rawlesque-logo300



[Unveil 5 of 5: The Website!] 

This is a responsive theme and I’ve animated the text to slide across each banner using a different photograph. Such an alchemical process to watch the photos turn into art to hold the space of the website and represent Natalie’s mission to launch out in to the world today! Check out what she’s up to at www.Rawlesque.com

Web design for Rawlesque.com by Lucinda Rae of Prosperity Branding

Web design for Rawlesque.com by Lucinda Rae of Prosperity Branding

Web design for Rawlesque.com by Lucinda Rae of Prosperity Branding


TADA! It’s a wrap. But — that was really a peek because there is SO much more that went into this project from a whole pile of photos to be used throughout the website as desired and in marketing and social media posts and multiple goodness throughout the website.

To inquire about your Prosperity Brand & Website and/or your Personal Brand Photoshoot, apply here now and I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


“The very first time I saw Lucinda’s work I knew that I’d found the perfect person to help me bring my vision to life. Then when I was fortunate enough to meet Lucinda in person at a business event in LA my intuition was confirmed. Lucinda has such a warm and friendly personality and it was so easy to see her passion for what she does shine through as she spoke to me. We got the ball rolling with some informative Skype conversations after I got back to the UK and started planning our strategy. Lucinda sent me all sorts of fun and clever quizzes and questionnaires to help her really get to know me, my business and my vision. With these exclusive tools she is able to reveal your unique personality and what makes your business different and stand out from the rest and she can then accentuate this and infuse it into your online presence, meaning that your website and branding really reflects the unique selling points of your business and also you as a person. That is important because it enables potential clients to really get a feel of who you are and what it would be like to work with you. It really is very clever stuff and she does it so easily and successfully.

I was so excited to fly out to Lucinda’s beautiful home in LA for a full day long photo shoot. Lucinda provided a very talented hair and makeup artist who immediately ‘got’ the look and vibe I was aiming for. I felt like a star for the day as I was preened and pampered, polished and perfected. Lucinda had set up several different sets for our photos to take place, to reflect my brand and get the best out of me. I felt very comfortable in her presence as she has the ability to calm any nerves you may be feeling and inject a sense of humour into the situation, keeping it light hearted and informal. It was a long day and we even ran over time, I knew Lucinda was tired but she carried on regardless, truly dedicated to getting the perfect shots for me. A true professional! When I saw the photos a week or so later I was amazed! They are so stunning, they capture the essence of me and my brand perfectly and are actually the best photos I’ve ever had done, and I’ve been in front of the camera quite a lot having done a bit of modelling in the past. I’d recommend Lucinda’s photography to anyone, even if you don’t need a website!

After that magical uplifting day when my feet were back on solid UK ground again, we continued consulting with each other and Lu progressed with working on my website. I have to say that as time unfolded, I began discovering more and more things I wanted to include on my site and Lucinda took all of this on board with grace and style. She was always happy to incorporate my ideas into the layout and design of the site. She has been so generous with her time, knowledge and expertise, taking time to answer all of my questions and make sure I am 100% happy with everything, tweaking what was not quite right and making amendments here and there until we achieved the vision! And I really want to point out here that the finished product is all that I’d imagined but 100 times better. I feel that Lu has been so successful at infusing my personality and style throughout the site, and I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to really get to know me in order to make this possible. I’m so excited to be unveiling our baby to the world today and feel very proud of what we have achieved.

Since working with Lucinda I definitely feel more confident in my business. I feel that she helped me to get crystal clear on my brand and vision. I feel proud to send people over to my new website, I feel proud to give out my business cards and I feel proud to communicate with people through my social media pages. I would recommend Lucinda’s services to any online business owner/entrepreneur who is ready to take their online presence to the next level and allow themselves to stand out from the crowd and shine like the stars that they are. You won’t regret working with this gifted and very talented lady, you’ll absolutely love the resulting products and you will have a real blast along the journey too!”

Natalie Heath
Women’s Weight Loss & Body Confidence Mentor
Raw Food Alchemist & Coach