3 Strategies for Embodying Your Brand as a BOSSLady


This is a post for The BossLady Blog Tour – dedicated to The Bead Effect project, developed by Kimberly Riggins to nurture collaboration among women business owners.

To say I’m thrilled to be a part of this tour is an understatement. It was an honor to have Kimberly hand-select me as one of her 12 powerhouse “bossladies.”

So what is a BOSSLady?

For me, being a BossLady is taking a stand—for myself. It’s about washing myself clean of co-dependencies, recommitting to my dreams and believing that I can lead the way to my own financial bliss.

It took me years to align with my BOSSLady, who I so often refer to as my inner Empress.

She responds, rather than reacts. She’s an effing lady and also an untamable wild woman. She melts into her femininity; doing business from her brilliance but staying centered in her breath, hips, and heart.

And when it comes to her business and her brand…it’s pretty much the same. She stays grounded, connected to herself + owns her stuff!

Here are 3 Ways you can Channel your Inner BOSSLady into your Brand:


Embody Your Unique Bliss

If you are a Personal Brand, then YOU are your brand. And everything you put out into the world MUST have YOU in it. Think of your brand as a texture, color, flavor, and perhaps some luminous light. Add to that your passions, your pleasures and some good old-fashioned fun.

Now how does that get expressed visually and message-wise?

Let’s say you are a raw foods teacher who loves to skate the boardwalk? But you don’t live near the beach. Who cares? Channel your inner BOSSLady by grabbing your green drink and film yourself roller-skating around the kitchen!

Or maybe you love to belly dance? Why not get all decked out in your garb, grab a video camera and create a welcome message you can splash across your homepage. (That’s what I did.)

Bypass Your Competition & Stop Comparing Yourself

I had to totally ditch the idea of being “in competition” with others in my industry. It kept me playing small and it stopped me from stepping into my entrepreneurial BOSSLady.

Since there is a lot of noise on the web, your strategy is simple… be so unapologetically yourself that you’re infectiously standing out above the cookie cutter brands and stepping up as the crème de la crème!

Think about it…did you ever hear competition toted as a good thing? I think its a bit of poppycock. We are in this together. Sure, we all want to be successful but not at the cost of someone else’s demise. I believe we could be even more successful if we helped our fellow BOSSLadies out, don’t you?

But I also know its not that easy and sometimes we compare ourselves to others in our industry. I’ve fallen into that trap too but I can tell you this…it has never served me well. I ended up losing my voice and sounding like a rent-a-copy of someone else. That never feels good. So tune into your mission, keep your eyes on the prize and do your own thing. Tap into your BOSSLady and express the heck out of it!

Face Your Fears & Have Some Patience

I think one of the best tactics you can use to market your brand is to take some risks. BOSSLadies face their fears and do the uncomfortable anyway. Why? Because in order to grow, you must be willing to take that next step.

But recognize that you move at your own pace. Be patient with yourself. BOSSLadies aren’t looking to become overnight successes. They are looking for longevity. And consistency.

Whatever you put out there…remember to always be YOU and have some FUN. BOSSLadies never forget that!

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And TOMORROW? Stay tuned for BossLady awesome Amber Campion’s words of wisdom!

With Golden Light,

Lucinda Rae




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  • Thank you for sharing this with us!!! BossLadies most certainly know how to express their brand. Even as it evolves, they stay true to who they are. Brilliant!

    • Lucinda Rae Kinch says:

      Thank you, Kimberly! AMEN to staying true to who we are in the ways we express ourselves in our brands. You know it, girl! xo

  • Yes, yes, yes … to ALL of this. And now I just want to Rollerskate around my Kitchen. ‘Cause, y’know, “I’m an effing Lady.” Bwahah!

    • Lucinda Rae Kinch says:

      YA! Here’s to being an effing LADY everywhere in our own way!

      And I totally want to go rollerskate around the kitchen (if only I had my white ones with the neon pink wheels and neon green laces!) 🙂 haha!

  • I love this whole thing but my favorite line is this: “…doing business from her brilliance while staying connected to her breath, hips and heart.”

    I’ve been thinking of ways to put more of me on my website. Now I’m inspired to make it happen!

    I appreciate that you’re talking about patience and longevity too – so refreshing in the sea of overnight success sales pages.

    Yay for BossLadies!

    • Lucinda Rae Kinch says:

      Alana! I LOVE that you want to put more of you into your website… what does that look like for you?

      Yes… patience and longevity for the persevering grace-filled journey to success, baby!

      Please do share what more of you looks like to the world… can’t wait to see it — go, goddess, go!

  • Amber says:

    Lucinda…I dont have words…I genuinely LOVED every second of this post.

  • I love every word of this article! This is full of simple and straightforward advice. And the second you mentioned “poppycock” I feel even more in love with you! What a rad message and it was just the message that I needed to hear: stop hiding, stop comparing, and stop playing it small. Be apologetically me! Thank you for your beautiful words

    • Lucinda Rae Kinch says:

      I love it, Brittney! So glad you gleaned some good advice from this… YES! Please go all out and live life to the fullest in your brand, visual brand, business and l LIFE at all possible times, Beauty!

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, too!

  • Eyenie says:

    Aaaaaahhhh…. Yes, yes and YES! Love this article, and the three amazing points!! How refreshing to look at BossLady from an empowered, yet giving and non-competitive space, where each of is is ENOUGH and there is no need to “compare and despair”. You, my friend, are an exquisite BossLady, and I am so grateful to learn about you and your beautiful work! Hats off, Empress <3

    • Lucinda Rae Kinch says:

      Oooooh, Thank you, Eyenie! Yes, so refreshing to let go of the “compare and despair” thing. A true queen empowers the people around her, rather than looking down upon them or pushing them away to be the “fairest one in the land” as we are all sisters in this together simply doing our bestest! 😉

      SO good to connect and learn more about you, too! Deep bow. xo

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