Lucinda Rae is a Visionary Artist, Visual Brand Designer + Website Creator & Personal Brand Photographer.

Lucinda Rae is an award-winning artist and Brand Strategist.  
With nearly 15 years experience in visual branding and graphic design online and offline, Lucinda Rae knows what it takes to uplevel your brand’s next phase in potential by transforming your website into something you can radiantly show up in your business to become more fully aligned with your prosperity.

Her truly unique, one-of-a-kind process blends expertise with intuition creating solid foundations with Brand Profiling & Guidelines from her client’s Soul Signature & Brand Archeypes in her Prosperity Branding System. Learn about this signature process to tap you into your illuminated brand that will infuse soul AND success into your business over at

LuLuShe has created websites and brands for clients such as Tribal Truth, Christina Morassi, Kendra Thornbury, several award-winning authors, and has also served as the art director for three major natural foods companies, Fresh Choice Restaurants, First Alternative, and New Frontiers Natural Marketplace, as well as dozens of individual clients.

Lucinda photographs. She captures women’s essence with personal branded entrepreneurial marketing photography with Prosperity Brand Photoshoots.

Lucinda makes art. It is designed to ignite your spirit for the divine quest of your life and activate inner love and light. It brings depth to her design work, beauty and essence of the Eternal to your space. These visuals want to remind you of your ever-powerful peace that is your timeless soul. If you’re looking for her gallery she currently makes some prints available here. She also has limited openings for Inner Goddess Portraits, essence avatars of your gorgeous spirit.

Lucinda dances. It fuels her in the quest of oneness and ecstatic presence, keeping her in the flow of the divine feminine, magnetic and open to Prosperity on all levels for herself and her clients.

Lucinda mothers. She says raising her two amazing boys that has been one of the greatest blessings and learning experiences she could ever ask for.

You’ll find Lucinda Rae has the deepest gratitude for this co-creative work in this life-changing, mission-fulfilling business experience.