I left the corporate world, picked up my camera, pursued my love for design, ditched hiding behind a business brand, embraced personal branding, and built the business of my dreams. A few years later, I help entrepreneurs do the same.

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A creative entrepreneur, branding mentor-designer, artist, photographer, writer, spiritual guide, and inspiring muse. I’m dedicated to helping you become more expressed, self-fulfilled, and knowing the light within to share prosperously with the world.

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10 years ago, I found myself in a pivotal moment, ready to be shot at… as if I was looking down the barrel of a gun… however, it was actually a Canon camera lens at a Hollywood studio for my first paid photoshoot for some marketing photos. I felt totally naked, sprawled out, and totally exposed to be on the other side of the camera trying to mimic poses I had seen models over my lifetime in various stances, and more recently the personal brand portraits I see on the entrepreneur leaders of our industry.

I was getting this shoot because a high-investment coach I had been thinking of getting photos with had a photoshoot as part of the coaching package.

Instead, I sought out a photographer and had some headshots done. This was a pivotal moment of my journey switching from a professional brand to a personal brand and being more visible as myself, as the face of my business.

My entire business as I knew it shifted drastically when I showed up to share from myself. People wanted to know who their graphic and web designer was and get a feel for who they would be working with. I began sharing artistic selfies of myself with messages from my core values and straight from my heart.

I came to realize the women that I work with are much like myself. Visionaries, creatives, living life from a place of sharing one’s contribution because there is no other choice but to bring their passion’s alive.

We know it is time to also receive money for our unique gifts which in turn continues the cycle of give and flow in life to be able to leave our legacies.

We must be ready to reignite our passion and put ourselves out big. We must claim ourselves and not PLAY SMALL ANYMORE.

For it is only ourselves that can share our unique purpose with the world.

We are here to shine as feminine souls in the new way while being genuine, courageous, beautiful and trustworthy from a space of carrying our leadership presence forth make a lasting impact of positive change.

The Fancy Professional Bio

Lucinda Rae is an award-winning artist and internationally acclaimed prosperity brand strategist and who activates and creates the power of your online and offline offerings with visual image to attract abundance and audience through natural magnetism and stunning visual branding and celebrity-worthy photographs.

Delivering graphic design, visual identity creation, branding, online marketing and website development for over 20 years, Lucinda has created over 300 brand identities for corporate and creative entrepreneurs, iconic strong feminine leaders, and has captured thousands of stunning images and graphics.

In her photography, artwork, and graphic design, Lucinda’s magic is empowering your unique journey to be authentically expressed as the magnificence that you are as you bring more beauty, inspiration, and purpose into life for your global community and legacy.